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2019 Autocross Dates:

Autocross #1 – March 17 ALAMEDA (Sunday)

Autocross #2 – April 14 (joint weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)

Autocross #3 – May 18 ALAMEDA (Saturday)

Autocross School – June 22 ALAMEDA (Saturday)

Autocross #4 – June 23 ALAMEDA (Sunday)

Autocross #5 – July 13 ALAMEDA (Saturday)

Autocross #6 – August 17 ALAMEDA (Saturday)

Autocross #7 – September 29 (joint weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)

Autocross #8 – October 19 ALAMEDA (Saturday)

Autocross #9 – November 16 ALAMEDA (Saturday)

Please see our calendar of events for more details about events as they become available.

What is Autocross?

Autocross is a sport where you try to drive around a course in the shortest possible time. The course is laid out in a big empty parking lot and outlined by orange plastic cones.

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This is probably the safest and least expensive way to drive your Porsche at the limit. We emphasize safety, fun and speed.

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Every run is timed electronically and time is added for each cone tipped over. You can measure your progress throughout the day, and possibly earn bragging rights.

Autocross is also a driver education class; there are qualified instructors available at each event.

Alameda Directions

The location for this event is Alameda Point.  We use a decommissioned runway on the former Alameda Naval Air Station.  The site doesn’t have a formal address, but if you set your GPS to the intersection of Panoramic Drive and West Red Line Avenue in Alameda, CA, you’ll get there.  Access to the site is through that gate at the end of Panoramic Drive.

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