We See the Light; Hope You Do, Too

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We See the Light; Hope You Do, Too

After over a year of pandemic sweeping the globe, we are beginning to see the light in the U.S. and here in California. Case rates are dropping, vaccination rates are rising, and restrictions are beginning to loosen. To be sure, there remain areas of horrific infection in the U.S. and around the world. Cases are finally starting to come down in Michigan as India suffers its worst and cases take off in Latin America. Our hearts and prayers go out for all the continuing suffering.

Still, life must go on to give meaning to surviving if nothing else. Here at GGR, we’ve been focusing on staying safe and bringing what cheer we can with a careful resumption of activity. Optimism is a proven therapeutic.

To be sure, the risk will never be zero. Vaccines are not 100% effective, viruses mutate (as Covid is already doing), other potential pandemics loom (remember SARS, MERS, and Ebola?), and let’s not forget about global warming and world peace. We need a sensible focus on what we need to worry about, what prudent precautions need to be taken, and to remember to find the joy in life. Otherwise, what’s the point?

So, with a careful eye on safety above all, we’ve been cautiously ramping up activity. We’ve had two very successful autocrosses this year and are very grateful to the wonderful folks at the Cow Palace for working with us to make these possible. With restrictions loosening, the attendance limit at the second event was raised from 50 to 75, which is about the limit given the venue size at the Cow Palace (a bit smaller than where we used to run in Alameda). More folks were able to get in, and spots were reserved at the second event for first-time drivers. They were treated to three “free” runs at the course on the outset to introduce them to the addictive (but completely legal!) thrills of autocross. Things are coming together for our third event (also at the Cow Palace) and we hope to have more information on that soon.

We also had our first Drivers’ Education and PCA Club Racing weekend at Thunderhill on April 3-4. A number of students were accommodated using either the lead-follow instruction protocol developed by PCA National or the in-car instruction protocol developed and successfully used last year by the Potomac Region PCA. Weather was perfect and it was a great weekend. If you missed it and are itching to get that rust off your brake discs (which track days are guaranteed to do!), our next DE / Club Race weekend is coming up May 22-23 at Buttonwillow Raceway. You can register here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/pca-ggr-de-2-buttonwillow-raceway-golden-gate-track-events-581447.

Lastly, due to the exceptional efforts of autocross chair Himanshu Patel and GGR Veep Ed Hunter, we finally had our first almost-post-pandemic fun run: a day of touring the San Benito and Monterey County backroads, ending with a lunch at Baja Cantina. Someone even stepped forward to volunteer as Motoring Director to get the series in gear this year. We’re still looking, though, for people to take the lead in organizing events. These events sell out within minutes, so we could do one every few weeks as long as there are organizers to put event logistics together and take the load off the motoring director. We have a roster of tried-and-true routes, so success if possible just by playing our “greatest hits.” If you’re interested, do email me and I’ll pass your info along.

Meanwhile, other stuff continues on. Work is underway on a new, mobile-optimized web site, so more on that soon. The board remains vigilant on club finances and we–so far!–are on track for the year. The Porsche Redwood City Concours (part of the Zone 7 concours series) returns on Sunday, October 17th. Plenty of time to clean up your car! Personally, I concentrate on getting mine dirty most of the year (much more fun!), then switch to cleaning mode a few weeks before. As for all the “souvenirs” from track, autocross, and fun run days, well, just got to pick the class at concours where “character” counts!

Hope you’re having fun with your Porsche and PCA membership, and if anythings comes to mind I haven’t covered, feel free to drop me a line.

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