Two Buckets Riddle

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Two Buckets Riddle

Photo: Aleksey Kadukin

For a club that is as specific as The Porsche Club of America, we are a pretty diversified group of members. We all own and appreciate these fine German cars, but the way we relate to them can vary quite differently. Particularly through the lens of driving on the track, I see owners in two general camps.

The first camp feels that Porsches are precious; something to be babied and cherished. Weekend drives on pristine spring mornings and kept under a tailor-fitted cover while parked in a garage.

The second camp looks at their Porsche simply as a high-performance tool; something to be maintained in tip-top condition but used to its limits. The car is looked at in a Matrix-esque view of dripping green characters. The exterior beauty of the design is appreciated, but the eye looks through the sheet metal to view the underpinnings of its capability.

I’m not suggesting either camp is better than the other, but what I’m starting to realize is that no matter how I describe our track events and all the fun we have, I doubt the first camp would ever consider doing a track day. Our minds are all wired a certain way and the way we relate to our Porsches is unlikely to change. But I hope some of you might prove my hypothesis wrong!

But you know who the craziest drivers are in PCA? Taycan drivers. Yes, Taycan drivers. With that sleek shape and all that torque, they are probably the hardest accelerating street car in the Porsche lineup. And the Taycan owner knows it and is happy to flex that power at the slightest provocation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve casually passed a Taycan on the freeway, then the driver goes from 65 to 95 mph in a blink of an eye, just to establish their fastest car on the road status. I find it hilarious that an EV has turned normally responsible people into the biggest hooligans on the road!

Laguna Seca happened earlier in June, it was a great three-day event. Since we only had one HPDE-run group, sorry that a lot of interested members were not able to get in. Normally with a standard track weekend, we always have the capacity to take on more drivers, but this was truly a unique situation. So I encourage you to attend our upcoming 3-day weekend at Sonoma Raceway on August 26, 27, and 28. Registration is already open on MSR:

Take care and hope to see you at the track!

Howard Yao

PCA-GGR Track Chair

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