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Club Racing

PCA Club Racing

The PCA National Office provides administrative support and establishes/maintains all activities associated with the national licensing of Club Racers. The PCA Club Racing Committee maintains the Club Racing Rule Book, determines the Licensing Procedures, and oversees all the planning of a Club Race. Licensing questions should be directed to the Program Coordinator. In addition, the National Committee includes a group of Chief Stewards, Chief Scrutineers and National Time Techs. One, or more, of each group is assigned to each Club Race, and the assigned individuals function as the chief operating officials for that Race. The Golden Gate Region organizes several Club races each year in association with the PCA Club Racing Committee.

Club_Race_Grid_BW_2014Club Racing was established around several guiding principles. First, there should be a class for all Porsche sports cars, including both street and modified cars. Second, the racing is to be fun, safe, and clean. This principle is embodied in the strict enforcement of the ’13/13 Rule’, which provides for immediate sanctions against any driver at fault in any incident involving car damage. Third, the organization and operation of Club Races is to be uniform, so that any racer may attend any Club Race and know exactly what to expect.

It is the combination of national rules, national licensing, the national committee, and the enthusiastic and dedicated Golden Gate Region personnel that has allowed Club Racing to build a strong racing program in the SF Bay area, while rigorously adhering to these principles. It is also the belief of the PCA Executive Council and all those involved with Club Racing that continued adherence to these principles is the basis for continuing success in the future.

If you have any questions about PCA’s Club Racing program, please contact PCA’s Club Racing License & Program Coordinator.

Overview of PCA Club Racing Rules

As required by the PCA Club Racing Rules the period for submission of proposed rules changes/revisions to the PCA Club Racing Committee is open from April 1 to June 1. Proposed rules changes/revisions should be sent to

Club Racing has classes for every type of Porsche. To be eligible, a car must have a Porsche chassis and drivetrain. There are two types of classes:

  • Stock (street cars with minimal modifications, all allowable modifications are carefully defined in the Rule Book)
  • Modified

Stock classes are formed from similar factory power to weight ratios, and cars must have complete road trim, stock drive trains, street tires, etc. Modified classes are defined by engine size, and are further split by street tires or race tires.

Safety equipment requirements include:

  • Roll bar or roll cage meeting the minimum specs for the specific class
  • 5- or 6-point harness with proper seat
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Window net
  • External cut-off switch (can be installed internally, with an external pull wire)
  • Driver equipment includes helmet, suit, shoes, gloves, etc. The Club Racing Rule Book contains all specifications for safety equipment.

The Club Racing Rule Book, PCA National Championship Points Rules, PCA Club Racing Enduro Protocols and much more (including licensing and medical forms) are available on the PCA National Club Racing forms page.

How to obtain a PCA Club Racing License

Any PCA member may apply for a Club Racing license if they meet the criteria set forth in the PCA Licensing Procedure (contained in the Rule Book). Join PCA here if you’re not yet a member.

To apply for a racing license, follow these steps. It is also important to read the Licensing Policy/Procedures at the beginning of the Rule Book.

Criteria: The PCA Club Racing License application will provide for two routes to obtaining a PCA Club Racing License:

  • Via an existing, current full-competition license with current experience from a recognized road-racing sanctioning organization, including NASA, SCCA, POC, IMSA, USCR, equivalent sanctioning body (no time trial), or any vintage group which is a member of the Vintage Motorsport Council.
  • Or, the member must meet the race-track driving-experience requirements as defined in the licensing procedures in the Club Racing Rule Book.

A current physical exam certification is required.

STEP 1: Complete all sides of the following forms and obtain the necessary certifications:

STEP 2: Send these completed forms with fee to the address shown on the License Application Form.

STEP 3: Complete the PCA Club Racing Vehicle Compliance Form and the Technical and Safety Annual Inspection. Take a copy of each with you to your first PCA Club Race.

STEP 4: In order to be Timed and Scored, your car must be equipped with an AMB transponder. Delivery can take as long as 4 weeks so you should order a unit now. You may send the order form in along with the License Application and Medical Forms.

STEP 5: Go back and double check all of your forms and fill in any missing information. On the medical form, please check to make sure that the form is signed and dated by the doctor and that one of the 3 boxes at the bottom of the physical exam page is checked. An incomplete license application will not be processed.


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