The Great Start

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The Great Start

The New Year 2022 took off with more exciting and fun drives and social events!

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, with plenty of health, and more fun drives 🤩

I am so excited to start this New Year 2022 and resume our fun drive and social events!

We initiated our first PCA GGR fun run event, the day just after New Year Day, with the “Drive and Hike: a New Year Resolution Event!”. We were welcomed with a bright sunny day (despite the little chill/low temperatures of the morning hours). Our members were ready to have fun, socialize, drive and hike too!

We ended this event with a picnic lunch while reflecting on some of the funniest stories of our fun runs of 2021! On that note, I would like to share one anecdote, that was a winner in terms of laughter: [please note of the story have been slightly modified to ensure the privacy of the members involved]: “In one of our 2021 fun run, 2 members (driver and passenger) turned on their radios to listen in on the broadcasted communications for their group. This radio though was faulty, and it was broadcasting those members’ conversations the whole time! All I can say is it was so entertaining to listen in until another member called them by phone, and updated them on the issue! 😅”

About fun runs, what’s next? Just a few days from now, we are scheduled for the Tiger Drive!

This gathering will depart from Los Gatos, end in San Jose, and go through some of the most amazing and twisty routes in the Santa Cruz Mountains (With many 180 degree turns! 😊). Sharing a photo below from our Tiger Drive Dry run with other lead/sweep drivers!! It was lovely 🥰

And yes, the 2022 H1 PCA GGR Motoring Calendar is ready!

Hope you all can join us!


Gilbert, PCA GGR Motoring Director

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