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The GGR 2021 Track Season is off to a 103 dB roaring start!  On the first weekend of April, we hosted 90 DE drivers and 37 racers at our first event at Thunderhill Raceway.  The weather was perfect; track conditions were excellent, and we enjoyed shedding the cobwebs of winter off.

Next up on our schedule is the always fun Buttonwillow Raceway May 22-23.  We’re going to bet that not many of you knew the following about Buttonwillow:

  • It was originally called “Buena Vista.”
  • It is the location of the very first United States Post Office.
  • It is the population centerpoint of California.  (Google it.  We did!)  Related, but not related, it is 116 miles south of the geographic centerpoint of California.
  • Buttonwillow Raceway opened in 1996.  GGR has been hosting track events at this fun track every year since it opened!

Every year when we visit Buttonwillow Raceway, we team up with the Central Coast Region and calendar our events so they host their DE on Friday, and we host our event on Saturday and Sunday.  Taking advantage of the three day event really makes that little extra drive worthwhile!  (Besides, there are no bad drives in a Porsche, right?)

We will be providing in-car instruction using the “Potomac Protocol,” as we did at Thunderhill.

2021 (remaining) Schedule:

  • May 22-23:  Buttonwillow Raceway DE and Club Race (Central Coast Region will host its DE on Friday, May 21)
  • July 3-4:  Sonoma Raceway DE and Club Race
  • September 25-26:  Thunderhill DE and Club Race (3 mile) (Diablo Region will host its DE on Friday, September 24)
  • October 9-10:  Sonoma Raceway Club Race only (with NASA)

Water Dragon Update:

We’re happy to pass along, since our last track report, that your track chair has further upgraded the Boxster brakes, and will have some nifty new Bilsteins on it so he can sling it through all of Buttonwillows fun corners, especially Turn 9!  (Your track chair is also bringing back semaphore signals in the form of a permanent, mannequin-derived point by arm so he can keep both hands on the wheel.)

Eyes up drivers!  Stay tuned to GGR emails, the Nugget, and Facebook for continuing 2021 track season updates!


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