September 7th, 2022 Board Minutes

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September 7th, 2022 Board Minutes

Porsche Club of America

Golden Gate Region

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

07 Sept 2022


X President – Ed Hunter X Autocross – Himanshu Patel
X Vice President – Scott Kalkin X Motoring – Gilbert Bouzeid
X Secretary – Melinda Lin X Track – Howard Yao
X Treasurer – Canyon Chan Nugget Editor – Aleksey Kadukin
X Membership – Michael Sherman Webmaster – Chris Hamilton
X Social – Kate Efremova

Call to Order at 6:34 PM


  • New possible detailer sponsor, possible event? How to engage Concours folks?
  • Future non-track sponsors lead?

    • What is the difference between Bronze ($1000), Silver ($2000) and Gold ($3000) and other $4 and $5k tiers – Will have discussion offline
    • J&D Detailing – Kate to go by and evaluate

      • Sponsor a C&C and/or motoring event ending at sponsor, provide a demo, tech session?
  • Q2 Quarterly rebate $10,090.50
  • Reminder on PCA Subsidies: Fundraiser, multi-region event (need to apply before event)
  • Submitted Gilbert’s Summer Drive (previous: Laguna Track) to Pano
  • Monthly Panorama Submission: picture and 50 words: what should we submit this month? We have 2 in the cue now
  • Sponsorship solicitations – Non track Ed, Track Jim


  • Issuing insurance certificates for Thunderhill in Sept and Club Race in Oct



  • August financials APPROVED
  • Updated financial policy APPROVED Program budget approved by Board, can be signed up to $3000 max, President, VP or Treasurer can approve, the following Board meeting will review expenses
  • California corporation statement of information filed, good until 2024 (every 2 years)
  • Credit card set up. We get ~2.6% in rewards which we can use for statement credits
  • $28k ahead, 37k with reimbursement total $250K up $27
  • Reallocate Awards dinner to President’s budget from Social

Membership Director:

  • Membership update and vote to accept 48 new members APPROVED
  • Report on Concours Event at RWC Porsche, staffing future such events – 70+ cars to be judged or shown, 20-30 people to look at cars, very successful event, need more volunteers to assist
  • We should do another C&C at the dealer in the spring, traffic building event, with coffee & donuts?

Autocross Director:

  • Event 6: 8/20 Cow Palace AX last event, 71 ppl attended
  • Event 7: Next Event 9/11 Castle AFB/Atwater, new location, APPROVED

    • Need better contract with Castle AFB a lot of contradictions
  • Event 8: 10/15 Crows Landing
  • Event 9: 11/6 Crows Landing
  • Petty cash, $200 APPROVED

Track Director:

  • Report on Sonoma Event

    • 120 DE, 54 club racers
    • Underpricing events – Still lost $10-15k, highest demand for students/instructors, frequent flier discount/recognition? Track prices are raised $120-130k for the weekend
  • Next Event at Thunderhill, signup status, marketing plans

    • 66 registered, break-even numbers are 85 DE, 30 club race
    • Send email to other groups to advertise event, Zone 7
    • MSR invite open to other marks for vehicles
  • BRR Tech Talks in off season to keep people engaged during off season? Breaks, suspension, tires, data acquisition, ground school on Zoom not in person for camaraderie
  • Track days for next year – tracks have been penciled in Laguna (confirm in a couple weeks), dates will be confirmed in the couple of months, Laguna is priority location, and the other sites will follow

Motoring Director:

  • Report on Past events:

    • Saturday August 27: A Raceway Experience, a Drive and Social Event by PCA GGR! This includes the Fun Run and the Lap Parade Tour at Sonoma Raceway
    • 54 pre ordered shirts
  • Upcoming Events:

    • Saturday, September 17th: Wine Harvest Touring Drive and Social event
    • Sunday, October 9: Hollister to Kings City to Carmel, add Nepenthe? Drive and Social event
    • Sunday, October 16th: Women’s Drive and Social event
    • Saturday, October 29th: Halloween Drive and Social event
  • Budget revenue in MSR $3071
  • Motoring to meet up with future AX event to have cross interest in events

Social Director:

  • In the works for late Sept/Oct:

    • Yerba Buena High School (east San Jose, an underserved school district), fund raising event, to be above to mingle and socialize the kids
    • Parker design flower workshop – was a good event last time
    • Vintage car distributor Sausalito

Webmaster: Not present

  • Constant Contact Account renewal (complete?)

Nugget Editor: Not present

  • Last Issue stats/comments
  • Car week?
  • Next Issue deadline date 4 Oct

Adjournment @ 8:17p

Topics for discussion:

Next Board Meeting: Weds Oct 5, 1st Weds of every month

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