Report from the Sea of Cones

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Report from the Sea of Cones

We are happy to wrap up the 2021 season with nine events as planned. Congratulations to all the class and PAX winners, including our PAX champion – TEDDY FRAMHEIN. Thanks to all participants for keeping the events safe and fun for everyone, especially in the Covid-19 infection environment. Looks like we will have to continue to follow the same additional safety measures this year as last year, at least for the beginning of the season.

Date Week Day Location
12-Mar Sat Crows Landing
10-Apr Sun Cow Palace
17-Apr* Sun Crows Landing
21-May Sat Cow Palace
25-Jun Sat Crows Landing
31-Jul Sun Cow Palace
27-Aug Sat Cow Palace
* Autocross School (Easter)

2022 Schedule: AX event planning committee has been working hard to procure dates at available venues in and around the Bay Area. Thanks to their efforts, I am happy to report that we plan to offer our cursory nine events this year and the Autocross school, which is scheduled on April 17. These events will be scheduled evenly between Cow Palace and Crows Landing. Some of us are familiar with Crows Landing, especially from participating in the November 21st event last year. Participants overwhelming favored the size and surface condition of Crows Landing over other sites. We welcome you to check out the site that is ranked number one autocrossing site in the nation. We currently have visibility only till August. Preliminary schedule is posted here and at Please bookmark this page to stay updated with the GGR autocross schedule. We will post September through November dates when available.

Every new season brings changes and 2022 is no exception. GGR has developed and maintained a robust car classification system. Technical difficulties prevented us from using this system last year. Thanks to Zone 8 for allowing us the use their system for 2021 season and thanks to all the participants for re-registering their cars at Zone 8 site. We plan to port the Zone 8 data over to GGR website this year. We will try to preserve your car classification information from last year. Thankfully, all this will be transparent to the participants. Good news is that The Car Classification scheme will NOT change this year. The seven-person car classification committee will assess the data from first three or four events for purposes of adjusting PAX values, if necessary.

On behalf of the GGR Autocross Team, welcome to 2022. Cannot wait to get this show on the road.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair

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