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Pure Gold Rush

May, a month of sunshine, was marked by two ecstatic events: The Overnight Touring Trip to the Gold Country, and the Sunset Touring Drive Rolling Shot!

The Overnight Touring Trip to the Gold Country

This is a newly introduced event that included so many fun and diverse activities from fun drives, to social, culinary, and cultural/historical! It took place just a few days ago, on Thursday, May 26, and Friday, May 27th! Limited to 16 cars only, 2 groups, this event was designed for couples, even though singles were also highly welcomed!

On the morning of this event, we gathered in Clayton, where we had a motoring debrief, highlighting the importance of safety, and where each registrant received a personalized brochure, about the tour information, and the scavenger hunt details (yep a scavenger hunt was designed for this event too!)

We then took off driving on nice twisties, heading to the Ironstone Winery, one of the largest wineries in the Gold Country! The main stage parking area was reserved for this PCA GGR event!

In the afternoon, we headed to Murphys, where we checked in our hotel, and explored the old town wine shops and bars, before dining altogether at Alchemy’s Restaurant. The scavenger hunt winners and their gold rush-inspired prices were announced post dinner! 🤗🤩

On day 2, right after breakfast, we headed to Columbia, driving on more twisty and scenic routes! At our destination, we explored Columbia’s old town; Some participants even signed up for an alluvial gold finding experience!⭐️

Noontime, we launched altogether in Columbia House! The tour ended in the afternoon: Some of us grouped together heading back to the bay area, while others went to other fun destinations from there for the long weekend ahead!

Tremendous thanks go to Frank and Wilma Vanson, who were the event planners for this amazing tour! I would also like to share a big thanks to our lead and sweep drivers for this event: Frank, Carol, Gilbert, and Bert!

The Sunset Touring Drive Rolling Shot

This event was special, as it was conceived and offered by PCA GGR for the motoring volunteers 10 most contributors, as a thank you for their help and for always going the extra mile to ensure all participants have an ecstatic time and experience during an event! 🤗

Tremendous thanks go to Kate Efremova, PCA GGR Social Director, for coming up and planning this amazing event, and following through ensuring it became a reality!

I would like to thank Daniel Bronshteyn [photographer, IG @guywithacamera415] also for taking ample time to photoshoot each one of us/our cars!

Looking ahead, what’s on the agenda

Many, many fun events are planned! Check the list below:

  • June 9: PCA GGR Caravan to the Shasta Region Zone 7 Tour (June 9th to 13th) – msreg.com/2022pcaggrshsta9
  • June 17 to 19: PCA Mammoth Lakes Tour (with PCA GGR Caravan) – msreg.com/2022pcaggrmlt8
  • July 31: Summer Touring Drive and Social Event – Destination, a winery Barrel Room in Livermore, for participants to cool down 🍷🤗
  • Saturday, August 27: A Raceway Experience, a Drive and Social Event by PCA GGR! This includes the Fun Run and the Lap Parade Tour at Sonoma Raceway
  • Saturday, September 17th: Wine Harvest Touring Drive and Social event!

Hope you all can join us!


Gilbert Bouzeid, PCA GGR Motoring Director

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