Porsche Colors, Electric Macan and More!

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Porsche Colors, Electric Macan and More!


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  Taycan Sports Sedan Models, Taycan Cross Turismo Models, 2022, Porsche AG

The older the car, the more improvements, and innovations will be installed

As more and more Porsche owners are adding electricity to their stables, each year-end iteration seems to carry more updates that tend to leave earlier models in the dust. But Porsche has come up with a plan to defuse that problem for Taycan owners around the world… More than 75,000 examples of the Taycan have been delivered since Porsche introduced its first all-electric sports car at the end of 2019. Now, a comprehensive update is on the horizon: regardless of vehicle age, engine, and body, all model variants can be brought up to the status of the 2023 model year with a software update. The update will be implemented on a market-specific basis.

Taycan Turbo S, 2022, Porsche AG

Depending on when their vehicle was delivered, customers will benefit from, among other things, an increase in powertrain efficiency as well as new functions and improvements in the Porsche Communication Management (PCM), Porsche Connect, and assistance systems. The update also includes the option of having individual functions and equipment unlocked after purchase (function on demand, FoD) and will enhance the over-the-air (OTA) update capability of all Taycan models. The update is free for customers and can be carried out during a visit to a Porsche service workshop. Someday, we may even see all these updates delivered over the net to our Driveways!!!

Pick your color – Porsche can do it!

We all know that you can’t talk someone into or out of buying a yellow car! But now even a yellow Porsche might be passe!

718 Boxster GTS 4.0 in Mint Green, 2021, Porsche AG

In recent years, the demand for custom-painted Porsche cars has risen sharply. With its new options, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur has significantly increased capacity in this area. A new color-mixing bench has been put into operation at the main plant in Zuffenhausen, where paint specialists blend several dozen ingredients down to the last milligram to achieve the desired shade.

Say you want a particular match-up. The procedure is as follows: you hand over a sample of your desired color to the Porsche Centre – anything is conceivable, from a favorite shirt or scarf to a nail varnish color. This sample is then sent to Porsche AG. There, a separate feasibility check is carried out for each request, which can take several months depending on the work involved.

Porsche is not only expanding its color range but also restructuring it: Custom Color has been renamed Paint to Sample. This category includes predefined colors that have already been technically approved by Porsche’s paint specialists. Examples include Maritimeblue, Rubystar, Mintgreen, and Manausblue. These colorful choices from the 1990s enjoy cult status among Porsche fans. In the past, they were offered on the 911 (Type 964). As part of Porsche’s enhanced individualization strategy, the legendary paint shades are now celebrating a comeback. Thanks to Paint to Sample, current Porsche models can be painted in these eye-catching classics.

718 Boxster GTS 4.0 in Mintgreen

Panamera Turbo S, 718 Boxster GTS 4.0, Taycan Turbo S, 2021, Porsche AG

The range is diverse and depends on the model series and production location. For the 911 and 718 model series, there are more than 100 additional paint colors to choose from. For the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne, there are more than 50 options, while a further 65 colors complete the range for Taycan customers.



Porsche and the landmark hotel InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco are collaborating to offer an electrifying new benefit to guests: Porsche electric vehicle chargers at the hotel to keep batteries in the green while drivers relax inside. The hotel is the latest premier travel destination to join a growing network of Porsche-designed chargers at attractions nationwide. The AC chargers are meant to top off the batteries of electric vehicles while their drivers take in a meal, stay the night or spend time on a track or golf course and are free to use.
Book now to take in the timeless beauty of San Francisco with two signature Taycan Cocktails at Top of the Mark. Enjoy the wrap-around views from the iconic Top of the Mark Sky Lounge.


Included in this package:

  • Room
  • Valet Parking
  • Vehicle charging
  • Two signature Taycan Cocktails at Top of the Mark
Only available to guests parking a Porsche Taycan during their overnight stay. The package is offered Tuesday through Saturday nights in accordance with Top of the Mark days of operation. Click here to book under the rate labeled: Porsche Taycan Exclusive.


According to Motor1.com, the development of the Porsche Macan EV continues with a spy shot of this pre-production example seen on the road in Austria. The vehicle wears quite a bit of cladding and camouflage, but you can still get a good look at the upcoming electric crossover.

The Macan EV features split headlights. The lamps on top have four, horizontal LED strips – ala all-new Porsches. Note that Porsche has tried to disguise this area with really fake-looking decals. There is additional lighting in the top section of the trapezoidal area in the lower fascia. The Macan EV rides on Volkswagen Group’s Premium Platform Electric platform. The specifics of the powertrain aren’t known yet, but single-motor, rear-drive, dual-motor, and all-wheel-drive variants should be available. The underpinnings support 350-kilowatt charging.  Look for the Macan EV to debut in late 2022. Sales should begin during the 2023 calendar year.


Rennsport Reunion, digital poster, 2022, PCNA

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca will host the world’s largest fan gathering in September 2023

The next Porsche Rennsport Reunion will be held at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca near Monterey, California, from September 28 to October 1 in 2023. This will be the seventh running of the Rennsport Reunion and marks the fourth time that the iconic California race circuit is the stage for a celebration of the motorsports heart of Porsche. Further information on themes and ticket sales will be announced in due course.

During the four-day event, fans of all ages will not only get to experience exciting racing action with vintage and contemporary Porsche race cars on track, but also be able to see many rare Porsche vehicles, enjoy new vehicle reveals, Esports, fan zones, and take part in opportunities to meet and interact with drivers as they share their exciting racing experiences. Rennsport Reunion will also offer a host of other off-track activities.

Conceived by racing great Brian Redman and Porsche Cars North America’s longstanding PR General Manager Bob Carlson in 2001, Rennsport was created to celebrate the racing heritage of Porsche. They envisioned an event at which drivers and enthusiasts could gather to celebrate racing and pay tribute to the people and cars that have helped build the Porsche legacy. Since its inaugural event at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut over 20 years ago, Rennsport has continuously grown in appeal, drawing in 80,000 fans over the course of the last event in 2018.


Porsche Club of America - PCA on Youtube

Porsche’s YouTube Channel contains an amazing amount of information for all Porsche owners. From videos on the latest Parade to information on what your Porsche is worth, to an explanation on how to remove and replace your

windshield. It’s all there. Take a look and enjoy a plethora of Porsche materials. Just go to https://www.youtube.com/porscheclubofamerica


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Here’s who joined GGR since our last blog in June. Thanks to all of them for seeing that there’s no place like Porsche! Welcome them aboard when you see them in your neighborhood.

Jeff Temmermand, 2016 Cayman GT4 Santa Clara

Adam Hoblik, Still Searching SJ

Nevin Greene, 2010 911 Carrera 4 Pacifica

Billy Jasiniecki, 1978 911 SC SJ

Kendall Ananyi, 2022 718 Cayman San Mateo.

Ronnie Jones, 1999 911 Carrera SF

Frank Abajian, 2019 718 Cayman S Livermore

Andy Tran, 2013 911 Carrera S Milpitas

John Daniels, 2017 718 Cayman Pacifica

Anthony Wong, 2012 911 Carrera Cab Los Altos

Bruce Cleveland, 2020 718 Cayman GT4 Foster City

Jesus Yujuico, 1997 911 Turbo Atherton

Samantha Soo, 2019 911 Carrera 4S Palo Alto

Raymond Hong, 2016 Cayenne GTS SF

Zoe Booke, 2013 Panamera 4 Saratoga

Torin Knorr, 1997 911 Carrera Cab San Mateo

Julie Kojima, 2022 Taycan Pleasanton

William Brooks, 1965 356 Cabriolet SF

Srdjan Mitrovic, 2011 911 Carrera S Redwood City

John Hamren, 2000 Boxster SJ

Jeff Temmermand, 2016 Cayman GT4 Santa Clara

Thwen Chaloemtiarana, 2014 Cayman Pacifica

Muiz Awan, 2022 718 Cayman GT4 SJ

Antonio Varillas, 1995 911 Carrera SJ

Jay Chansky, 2022 Taycan GTS SJ

Mike Wenstrand, 2022 911 Targa GTS Los Gatos

William Mcdonald, 2018 911 GT3 Santa Clara

Patrick Berny, Prospective Los Altos

Ron Wade, 2017 718 Boxster S SJ

Lik Hang Fung, 2022 911 GTS SJ


Members celebrating 25+ year anniversaries will be sent congratulatory materials automatically by PCA. These are sent quarterly. Members celebrating 5-20 year anniversaries or who haven’t received a past anniversary packet can request one using this link www.pca.org/anniversary (members need to be logged in to use the link).

55 Years – 1967

Gary Evans,1989 911 Carrera Tucson

Mindy Evans, Tucson

J Greene,1966 911 Los Gatos

Carol Greene, Los Gatos

5 Years – 2017

Brian Dexheimer, 2015 Macan Turbo Saratoga

Michael Kogut, 2008 911 Carrera S Los Altos

Timothy McNally, 1997 Boxster Saratoga

Steve Giachetti, 1965 356 cabriolet San Jose

Kenneth Farrell, 1975 911S Sonoma

Warren Lieberman, 2017 911 Carrera S Cab Belmont

Natalie LaLuc, San Francisco

Len Perry, 2001 911 Turbo Half Moon Bay

Peter Chin, 2017 718 Boxster S Dublin

John Rogers, 1978 911 SC San Francisco

Michael Nowakowski, 2007 911 Turbo Oak Park

Vince Vigil, 2013 911 Carrera S San Francisco

Stephanie Grethen, 2006 Boxster S Los Altos

Michael Weisgerber, Los Altos

Jill Lassettre, Los Gatos

Chris Lassettre, 1975 911S Targa Los Gatos

10 Years – 2012

Vince Duperron, 2010 Boxster Los Gatos

Marcia Sivek, Saratoga

Louie Vengco, 1964 356 El Dorado Hills

Douglas Bablitc, 1986 911 Carrera Fairfax

Narrisa Lindo, Redwood City

Andrew Hersch, San Francisco

Norman Hersch, 1982 911 SC Oakland

Deborah Yaney, 1998 Boxster Sunnyvale

Richard Skalski, 2012 911 Carrera Redwood City

Henry Lee, 2012 911 Carrera S San Jose

Carl Mendel, 2009 911 Carrera Santa Clara

Brian Mendel, 1973 911E Santa Clara

15 Years – 2007

John Neil, 2007 Cayman S San Mateo

Janis Ahmadjian-Baer, Los Altos

Richard Baer, 2006 Cayman S Los Altos

Gary Grande, 1984 911 Carrera San Francisco

Paula Riley, San Francisco

20 Years – 2002

Peggy Hawkins, 2004 Boxster S Menlo Park

Marc Besman, Seattle

Richard Snyder, 1969 912 Maryville

Patricia Snyder, San Jose

Jody Greenhalgh, Belmont

James McClelland, 2002 911 Carrera Walnut Creek

Alvin Wong, 1996 911 Turbo San Francisco

Susan Nonaka Wong, San Francisco

Joe Greenhalgh, 2015 911 Carrera 4S Half Moon Bay

25 Years – 1997

Jeffrey Heller, 2014 911 Turbo Cabriolet Berkeley

Thomas Gallagher , Berkeley

40 Years – 1982

Rodney Chew, 1972 911E San Leandro

Cynthia Chew, San Leandro

If you have any questions about membership, please get them to me at membership@pca-ggr.org and we will have them answered ASAP. Stay well, get vaccinated and boostered, and wear a mask in group situations!

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