PCA GGR Motoring, We Build Memories

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PCA GGR Motoring, We Build Memories

I can talk for hours about the two amazing PCA Zone 7 events we had the pleasure to offer and caravan our PCA GGR Members to during the month of June, though nothing I can say in words will be descriptive enough to express the unforgettable and joyful memories we built with our members during those gatherings! ❤️

June 9th Shasta Tour (Zone 7 event)

The Shasta Tour was a 4 days event, organized by the PCA Shasta Region, and open for PCA Zone 7 members (including PCA GGR Members). This tour went through the mountains, valleys, and scenic by-ways of Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Lassen Counties.

For our PCA GGR Members registered in the PCA Shasta Tour, we organized a Porsche Caravan from the Bay Area to Shasta (and back), driving through some of the best scenic and twisty routes to a destination, while stopping along the way next at a park longing the Sacramento River for a yummy picnic lunch! 😋

I would like to share a big KUDOs and a shout-out to Allen, Dave, and all the volunteers from the PCA Shasta Region for planning and flawlessly executing this amazing PCA Shasta Tour event! Also great thanks to Diana, Jie, and Wen for all their help in the PCA GGR Caravan!

June 17th Mammoth Lakes Tour (Zone 7 event)

Since I joined PCA GGR in 2014, I had missed attending this Zone 7 event only once, and I would never make this mistake again! In summary, this is definitely a NOT TO MISS event!

On Friday, June 17th, we organized a Porsche Caravan from the Bay Area to this event destination in Mammoth Lakes, driving through some of the most amazing, scenic, and twisty routes the sierras have to offer! On Saturday, I also led the first group of this Mammoth Lakes Tour, driving on some surreal roller coasters and highly scenic routes! The fun was to the MAX 🤩

I would like to share a big thanks to all the PCA SNV Members for planning and organizing this Zone 7 event. A huge thanks also go to all PCA GGR volunteers, especially to all Lead and Sweep drivers: Birgit, Jeanie, Bert, Frank, Harsh, Nicholas, and Thomas. Also big thanks to Birgit and Nicholas for sharing some of the amazing photos I posted in this blog!

During this event, it was a pleasure and an honor to connect back with Michael Griffin, the previous PCA GGR Motoring VP! I met Michael when I joined the club in 2014, and I was impressed by the amazing fun runs/events he organized – Michael became like a mentor to me!

Looking ahead, what’s on the agenda

Many, many fun events are planned! Check the list below:

  • Sunday, July 31: Summer Touring Drive and Social Event – Destination, a winery Barrel Room in Livermore, for participants to cool down 🍷🤗
  • Saturday, August 27: A Raceway Experience, a Drive and Social Event by PCA GGR! This includes the Fun Run and the Lap Parade Tour at Sonoma Raceway
  • Saturday, September 17th: Wine Harvest Touring Drive and Social event!
  • Sunday, October 16th: Women’s Drive and Social event!
  • Saturday, October 29th: Halloween Drive and Social event!

Hope you all can join us!


Gilbert Bouzeid, PCA GGR Motoring Director

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