No Speed Limit on the Fun of Our Events

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No Speed Limit on the Fun of Our Events

The month of August witnessed the birth of a new type of event: The Raceway Experience Drive and Social event, a Fun Drive and Social followed by Parade Laps at the Track!! The fun in this event had no speed limit! Of course, the car speed was limited as safety is our first priority, and we fully abide by all the PCA GGR Driving Safety rules and regulations!

This event was so popular that it sold out in less than 2 minutes, and we had over 50 members on the waiting list (that we sadly had to cancel). On this event, we met in San Rafael, where we had our debrief, then took off, driving on some of the best twisties Marin has to offer, for about 2 and half hours (we had a pit stop), before arriving in Sonoma Raceway, where members had fun with a Parade Lap (low-speed drive) on the Sonoma Raceway Track!

This event was also special as members were able to preorder a beautiful, elegant, and high-quality PCA GGR Motoring Polo Shirt as a souvenir! I would like to share a big shout-out to Wen Shen for all her help driving this shirt design and printing!

During this event too, the PCA GGR Board made my day by naming the Halloween Drive and Social event the event of the year, and by giving me the Perc Bliss Award of the year 🤗 I feel so grateful being surrounded by our Porsche Club board members, and so thankful to our amazing team of volunteers, who are so dedicated and so hard at work to make the PCA GGR Motoring events memorable! Also a big shout out to our amazing PCA GGR members who fully support us and await to join our fun and exciting motoring events ❤️❤️❤️

Looking behind, what’s on the agenda for the next report

Many, many fun events happened recently: Wine Harvest Touring Drive, Women’s Drive and Social event, and Halloween Drive. Read about them in the next Nugget!


Gilbert Bouzeid, PCA GGR Motoring Director

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