May 2021, Motoring News

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May 2021, Motoring News

When was the last time we had a FUN RUN? Well, that changed on April 25. Thanks to relaxing Covid-19 standards, Golden Gate Region was able to hold a backroad drive for the first time since late 2019. One day it decided to rain in the entire Bay Area in April. Guess what day it was? Things looked gloomy for enthusiasts driving down from the North, which included most attendees. Perseverance paid off when dry conditions were presented not just at our starting point in Hollister, but the entire three-hour plus journey to our destination – Baja Cantina in Carmel.

Thirty-seven drivers took part in this inaugural 2021 event in four run groups. They were accompanied with fifteen passengers that braved the long journey through some of the most scenic and sometimes bumpy conditions.

All attendees were treated with Mexican style lunch at Baja Cantina before dispersing for rest of their daily activities.

Thanks to the eight volunteers for facilitating this event, including our region president and vice-president.

Be on the lookout for announcement of our next event. It is just around the corner.

Did you like the banner picture? More pictures from the event are available at, thanks to all members for their contributions and to Gilbert Bouzeid for compiling them.

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