May, 2021 Autocross Report

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May, 2021 Autocross Report

While April showers were held back by mother nature, the month did bring out new autocross drivers at our event, something we all have been looking forward to. Thanks to our amazing autocross instructor volunteers – Alan, Greg, Kirt, Neil and Tara, five new drivers went home happy after attending their first autocross event. Not only that, one driver managed to have all his laps clear of any penalty, a feat achieved by only two other drivers at the event. Check out their improvements during the day.

Relaxing Covid standards allowed us to include these five drivers for the first time in a long time. We look forward to supporting first time drivers at our future events in a socially distanced setting.

Cow Palace parking lot was busy with sixty-seven Porsches and seventy-two Porsche drivers improving their driving skills all day long (just like the first-time drivers). As expected, most drivers achieved best lap times towards the end of the day. Congratulations to the twelve quick learners getting the job done in their fifth run – way ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Average lap time is a good measure of performance and nothing unusual to note other than drivers managed to reduce the slowest average lap time from 37.888 seconds in their first run to 34.090 second in their ninth run.

We have seen improvements coming to fruition for some of our regular drivers.

  • Steve Forshay, driver sporting the most beautiful Porsche, has gained tremendous momentum as of late. Looks like he has his car figured out and optioned out to finally to be a contender for the coveted TTOD prize. We witnessed him jump few spots in the best lap time category and look forward to seeing his continued progress.
  • Most of you will agree when I say that Connie Lu possesses the most competitive spirit of all drivers. Time has come for others in her class, me included, to get out of her way. Partial credit goes to her current coach. We all know her coach is not human, but that is a different subject all together. As for Connie, be afraid, be very afraid. She is coming and she will not take any prisoners.
  • And finally, guess who showed up at the event? Our fastest class fastest class drivers are some of the fastest drivers in the nation. Top Time of the Day (TTOD) is typically reserved for Steve Lau or Monty Pack these days. Tara Shapowal has always been in Steve’s shadows. she has steadily closed the gap in the last year and made history on of April 11. She achieved the TTOD by beating Steve by 0.045” with a lap time of 29.290. Let the world know there is a new sheriff in town and her name is Tara Shapowal. You have come a long way, Tara. Congratulations!

Our May 15th event is coming up next at Cow Palace. You will receive an announcement in the next few days. Time to get ready for that registration race.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair

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