March 10th, 2022 Board Minutes

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March 10th, 2022 Board Minutes

Porsche Club of America

Golden Gate Region

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

10 March 2022


X President – Ed Hunter X Autocross – Himanshu Patel
X Vice President – Scott Kalkin X Motoring – Gilbert Bouzeid
X Secretary – Melinda Lin X Track – Howard Yao
X Treasurer – Canyon Chan Nugget Editor – Aleksey Kadukin
X Membership – Michael Sherman X Webmaster – Chris Hamilton
X Social – Kate Efremova

Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order at 6:15pm.

Call for agenda changes:

None at this time.

Call for calendar changes:

None at this time.

Call for budget changes:

None at this time.

Past Events:

See below

Directors’ Reports:

The Director’s reports are each of the board members below:


Zone 7 President’s Meeting Notes:

Representation was all, but 1 region

  • Recommend to bring a paper copy of insurance to each event, a best practice
  • Drones not allowed by insurance, but national inquiring to allow at all events. Loosening protocol and will require insurance
    • Drones can fly at event, but can’t have above the cars, can only be/shoot from the side, shoot across – Intent to make sure drone doesn’t fall over car and damage car/driver
    • PCA can allow at event, insurance for photographer and noticing at event for participants
    • Will need to file documentation in advance to allow

National Subsidies (apply in advance) New member, charity, multi club event (competitive)

  • Fill out form ahead of time

Recommended event: Cars and Coffee at sponsoring Dealer to drive floor traffic

  • One dealer sponsor per year – Porsche RWC already does this, we need to provide them first right of refusal

GGR Web Calendar – an overall calendar to be able to view, 1 page to print out for ease of participant review

National Virtual Racing team

  • Regional teams have been formed, more visibility on East coast
  • Talk to Teddy to get our own team to participate?
    • Different skillset to drive virtual vs reality

Diablo is the only other region holding track events, market to other regions

  • Only group doing track days – can reach out to other groups

Advertising discussion (standalone ads outside of sponsorships?)

  • Sponsorship or nothing – there is no print, its only website
  • Potential revenue opportunity
  • Standalone adds – standards need to be determined for print
  • Aleksey and Ed to work on proposal/standards


No updates


February Minutes, APPROVED


  • Approve Monthly Financials, APPROVED
  • 2021 Tax Return, APPROVED
  • Financial Policy updates – defer to next month

Membership Director:

31 new members, 100 renewals, 64 dropped, 61 up for renew for next month, 3,533 total members, 146,086 PCA US members

  • New members APPROVED
  • Host Concourse Training Judges 4/24
  • Badges and will be shipped
  • Porsche RWC better communication for events
  • Email to new members for events to have them attend

Autocross Director:

  • 1st AX March 12 @ Crows Landing, 67 attendees (85 capacity)
  • 4/3 @ Cow Palace
  • Trailer logo – $2800, Current vinyl will need to be removed prior to new one being applied. Procure a quote to remove to have the new vinyl applied
  • Black Hawk Museum (50 cars collection) event 100pp, approximately $16k, can see other parts of the museum as well OR Hillsdale mall, 400ppl + bar (no host) = $16k total
  • Zone 8 – will use their system Himanshu can you elaborate on this?

Track Director:

  • March 5-6: Instructor Training/DE1 -at Thunderhill East. 85-90 ppl, budgeted for 105. Overall, a smooth event.
  • 4/2-3 Thunderhill DE2 enrollment is strong

Motoring Director:

  • Valentine’s Drive
    • Limited to 32 cars, 51 people registered, began and ended at Winery in Livermore
  • Women’s Drive – March 19th
    • 25 people registered: 18 women drivers, will begin in Menlo Park and will end/gather at Beer Shop in Santa Cruz
  • Published Blog
  • What’s upcoming:
    • Harris Ranch / Easter Drive on April 10, event will be limited to 50 cars
      • Following up on Polo Shirts for Lead and Sweep Drivers
    • PCA GGR – Gold Country Overnighter Tour
      • Limited to 16 cars
      • May 26 and May 27
    • Join for Track Day Sonoma 8/27-28
    • Gold Country Tour 5/26-27

Social Director:

  • Cars and Coffee Chez Nous Redwood City Feb 27, good turn out about 65 cars, collected donations for Ukraine
  • Coordinate with Capt. Mike for HMB Airport event
  • Mid April Sunset Drive, I280/85 to 92, photographer to take photos during even as well


  • Up and running on Gmail – will send out How To to access
  • Create Google doc for all aliases created to be able to delete addresses as needed

Nugget Editor:

  • February edition engagement was good and received positive feedback
  • March edition preliminary date is 3/25/22. The materials submission deadline is 3/18/22 (next Friday).

Topics for discussion:

Next Board Meeting: April 14, reservations for “In-Person“at Half Moon Bay Brewery, Calendar invite sent


Meeting adjourned 7:53pm

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