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Look Forward

Winding down the year and looking forward to 2022

With only 6 weeks left in 2021, just where are we? We find ourselves almost 2 years into a global pandemic for one thing, but things are lightening up by degrees and I’m confident things will continue to trend back to a state of normal affairs.

February 2020: I was at Moscone Center in San Francisco at a Security Conference; rumor was that IBM had pulled out of the conference because of something called “Covid”. A few weeks later and I was working from home, and this continues to be the case for the majority of us.

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Description automatically generated May 15, 2020: Thunderhill reopens and I am there. We’re told to “spread out” so I find a nice tree and “park myself” under it. For me at least, the first step back to “normalcy”. The GT3 likewise seemed happy to get out.

With that as context, we’ve done well this year as a club. 2020 was a year where all of us event organizers spent a lot of time reading up on mandates as they ebbed and flowed and ran what events we could (safely).

In 2021 we felt more on solid ground and accordingly, we’re able to offer many more events. A full season of track/DE events, including a return to Sonoma after many years. A full autocross season with 10 events as opposed to the regular 9 at no less than 3 different venues. Social and Drive events have also started back up including the Boxster (now Porsche) Brunch and monthly get together’ s at Harrys Hofbrau. All back to “normal” more or less.

The GGR Board has started getting together in person again for our monthly board meeting in the last few months (we’re all sick of Zoom as well), which is great! At the last board meeting a few weeks ago we had a full house with only 1 member attending remotely (a mechanical excuse).

As I write this 2021 is winding down, with the track season is over and 1 more autocross in a few weeks (11/21). We are planning a few more social events and drives before the year and as well as our Holiday party (usually the 2nd week of January) so stay tuned and hope to see you there.

There are preliminary 2022 dates for AX/Track, so check out those posts next!

Ed Hunter
GGR President

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