June, 2021 Motoring News

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June, 2021 Motoring News

I am excited to be officially part of the PCA GGR family, and to drive the Motoring events! For the members that do not know me, my name is Gilbert (pronounced “Guilbert” or “Jilber” 😊 ) . I joined PCA GGR in 2014, and since then, I have been volunteering with various roles, including lead or sweep drivers, or event organizer.

With many great learning tips from Michael Griffin, previous Motoring Director for PCA GGR, I look forward to serving you all, and providing you the best-in-class motoring events!

What to expect? Our commitment to you is that we will emphasize safety, driving, diversity, social and fun activities. Also, there will always be high consideration for culinary and educational opportunities.

What’s next? June 5th event, an ecstatic fun drive and social event is scheduled to start in Livermore, and go through the amazing stretches of Mines Road (Banner picture taken from our Lead and Sweep Driver Dry-Run on Saturday May 29). This event will end in one of the major Santana Row restaurants, where attendees will enjoy a delicious culinary meal!

Thanks to relaxing Covid-19 standards, we are also in the plan for some amazing upcoming events, and we are expanding our volunteering team, with lead or sweep drivers, event organizers, and even culinary experts!! Interested? Please reach out to: motoring@pca-ggr.org 
Last but not least, do you have an Instagram account? We are on Instagram too! Join us at: http://instagram.com/pcaggr/, that’s where we announce upcoming events (in addition to the email announcements), and share some of the best pictures from previous events!

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