June, 2021 Autocross News

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June, 2021 Autocross News

Autocross #3

Sixty-nine drivers were treated with two different autocross courses on May 15th. Morning runs took place in wet condition, thanks to passing showers from the night before. Course dried up completely at noon, offering much improved traction and feel for the afternoon session. Times in the afternoon averaged 37.49 seconds, compared to 41.76 seconds for the morning runs.

Seven first time drivers received personalized coaching, thanks to our expert instructors – Connie Lu, Dave Dunwoodie, Ed Hunter, Grady Carter, Kevin Laird, Neil Librock and Stacy O’Connell.

Class Leaders

PAX Leaders

Lap time consistency is a measure of driver skill. Drivers in the lists below demonstrated superior skills by completing their fastest lap times in the most consistent manner.

Schedule change

We have a slight change in our schedule of upcoming events.

  • Our June event will take place on Saturday June 26th at Cow Palace.
  • August event is scheduled to take place in Sonoma Raceway paddock area on Saturday August 15th.

PAX Update

We introduced a new classification system to GGR autocrossers at the beginning of the year. Rules committee met as planned, after completion of three autocross events, to assess any need for adjusting PAX ratings to fit the environmental conditions. Committee members overwhelmingly recommended a small revision in PAX ratings. PAX ratings will continue to start at 0.898 for CC01. Incremental increase of 0.008 between classes is now changed to 0.006. This change will be applied retroactively to the beginning of the season and has a minimal effect on the top ten PAX rankings. Results at Autocross Results | PCA Golden Gate Region (pca-ggr.org) website have been updated. Table below compares PAX ratings for all classes.

Class Previous Current Class Previous Current
CC01 0.898 0.898 CC10 0.970 0.952
CC02 0.906 0.904 CC11 0.978 0.958
CC03 0.914 0.910 CC12 0.986 0.964
CC04 0.922 0.916 CC13 0.994 0.970
CC05 0.930 0.922 CC14 1.002 0.976
CC06 0.938 0.928 CC15 1.010 0.982
CC07 0.946 0.934 CC16 1.018 0.988
CC08 0.954 0.940 CC17 1.026 0.994
CC09 0.962 0.946 CC18 1.034 1.000

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair

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