July 6th, 2022 Board Minutes

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July 6th, 2022 Board Minutes

Porsche Club of America

Golden Gate Region

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

06 July 2022


X President – Ed Hunter X Autocross – Himanshu Patel
X Vice President – Scott Kalkin X Motoring – Gilbert Bouzeid
X Secretary – Melinda Lin X Track – Howard Yao
X Treasurer – Canyon Chan Nugget Editor – Aleksey Kadukin
X Membership – Michael Sherman Webmaster – Chris Hamilton
Social – Kate Efremova

Call to Order at 6:09p


  • Interviews – Aleksey to determine if articles/activities – typically we don’t do, but does he have the bandwidth to do?
  • Monthly Panorama Submission – publish more diverse content in Nugget for national exposure and interest
    • Track DE should be featured, perhaps an ad hoc/roving reporter, 50 words max and photo – extend to Aleksey’s team, an ongoing agenda item to post
  • Crows Landing – Should we just send the payment due after each event since not billing in a timely manner?


  • Issued 2 certificates of insurance for Sonoma and AX


June Minutes APPROVED


  • The bank balance remains healthy
  • Financial report APPROVED
  • Financial policy – deferred to next meeting
  • Switch from debit to credit for expenses? Canyon to investigate pros/cons

Membership Director:

36 new members since 6 July, APPROVED

Primary 2442, Co-Members 1,119, Lifetime 4, PCA Juniors 138; National Active Members 148,766, Primary Members 97,255, Co Members 51,511

This past month: 39 Renewals, 52 Members dropped or transferred, 104 Up for renewal

Trophies are in progress

Trailer issues – maintenance and repaint with Porsche Redwood City, what is the work that needs to be done before? Buy a box truck? Be able to tow the equipment as needed (timing trailer), perhaps park at Carlson?

Autocross Director:

  • 5/28 AX school: Joint Lotus club and GGR, shared cost, most of the expenses were incurred by Lotus club. $6k loss if we didn’t partner up, $3500 loss total. GGR to pay Lotus club to equalize costs.
  • 6/11 Awards Banquet at Palette Tea Garden, 30 attendees
  • 6/25 Crow’s Landing – 48 attendees
  • 7/31 Cow Palace – waiting for the contract to come in, insurance certification needs to be issued

Track Director:

  • Laguna
    • $13k loss on Laguna, 32 DE, 47/52 club racers, attendance was good
    • Insurance seems higher than expected even though the 3-day event, will check to make sure, not double billed
    • Moving forward MSR no refunds within 5 days of the event (Covid, mechanical issues, etc)
  • Sonoma
    • 66 registered, max 185, (40) 3 days, (85) 2 days, (60) 1 day
  • Future
    • Maybe 2-day weekends vs 3-days due to the cost of the event
    • Co-venture with Diablo to share the cost
    • GGR members are more of the people attending for the entire weekend
    • Look at single-day DE perhaps at Sonoma

Motoring Director:

  • 2 Major Motoring Events in June:
    • June 9th Shasta Tour by PCA Shasta
  • PCA GGR Caravan from the Bay Area to the 4-day Zone 7 Event in Shasta. Caravan invitations are sent only to PCA GGR Members registered/confirmed in the Shasta Tour
  • Shasta Tour went through the mountains, valleys, and scenic by-ways of Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Lassen Counties
  • The total number of cars registered for the Shasta Tour is about 60 cars total
    • June 17th Mammoth Lakes Tour, Zone 7 Event:
  • 41 cars registered, among them 28 cars from PCA GGR
  • Looking into an official partnership
  • Upcoming events:
  • July 31: Summer Touring Drive and Social Event – Destination, a winery Barrel Room in Livermore, for participants to cool down, 40 cars/60 members
  • August 27: A Raceway Experience, a Drive and Social Event by PCA GGR includes the Fun Run and the Lap Parade Tour at Sonoma Raceway
  • September 17th: Wine Harvest Touring Drive and Social event
  • October 16th: Women’s Drive and Social event
  • October 29th: Halloween Drive and Social event
  • Nomination: Motoring Award for Wen Shen for being an event organizer for 4 events in 2022
  • Shirts – currently working with a shirt company in Burlingame

Social Director:

No attendance


No attendance

Nugget Editor:

  • The June edition was sent on 6/30
  • July Nugget statistics:
    • 6,753 sends, 58.7% opens, 4.6% clicks
  • May Nugget statistics: 6,749 sends, 61.4% opens, 5.2% clicks

Deadline Wednesday, July 27 for the next issue

Adjournment @ 7:36p

Topics for discussion:

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, Aug 2 reservations for “In-Person”

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