July, 2020 Autocross Report

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July, 2020 Autocross Report

Autocross #4

Sixty-nine drivers participated in our June 26th event. Drivers were rewarded with five runs in the morning and six runs in the afternoon. Weather could not have been any better with temperature needle hovering around 70 degrees in the afternoon. Occasional gusty winds were no match to our well-prepared team that kept everything secure to the ground, including the timing gear.

Four first time drivers received personalized coaching from Teddy Framhein, Neil Librock, Jason Martinez and Paul Smith. Thanks to all instructors for rising above the rest of the crowd and Neil Librock for leading the charge.

Class Leaders

PAX Leaders

Lap time consistency is a measure of driver skill. Drivers in the lists below demonstrated superior skills by completing their fastest lap times in the most consistent manner. These are impressive lists indeed. Someone please explain to me how Dave McGuigan can have two of his fastest laptimes within 0.001 second of each other!

We are witnessing a fierce battle brewing in O-07 class between Tiffany Cheung and Stacy O’Connell. They posted their fastest lap times of 36.322 seconds & 36.456 seconds in AX#3 and 35.841 seconds & 35.872 seconds in AX#4. We will be watching this battle closely for remaining of the year.

Upcoming events

  • Our July event will take place on Saturday July 10th at Cow Palace. Event registration will open at 6:30 PM on Thursday, July 1st. Registration site – http://msreg.com/2021ggrax5.
  • August event is tentatively scheduled to take place in Sonoma Raceway paddock area on Saturday August 14th.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair

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