Update from GGR’s New Vice President

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Update from GGR’s New Vice President

Hello and happy New Year to all my fellow Golden Gate Region members!  Thank you for trusting me as GGR’s Vice President for the next two years.

In GGR, the Vice President’s job has many facets, but probably the most important, is arranging with PCA National for insurance coverage for all of the Region’s driving events. All these events, from fun runs and rallies, to autocross, driver’s education and club races, must have a Certificate of Insurance in hand before the start of any moving car event. I work with the event chairpersons, who will give me the details of their events, so I can coordinate with PCA National to acquire the insurance coverage in time for the event. Some other responsibilities are working with the President, Treasurer, and the rest of the Board to develop the annual budget, and make sure expenses were budgeted and approved by the Board before spent.   

About me: 2023 will be my 36th as a PCA member, and I have owned nine Porsches over the last 40 years. My first was an Ossi Blue 1968 911L soft-window Targa (sadly, stolen and cut up in Long Beach CA in 1984), and my current Porsche is a 2022  Chalk 718 Cayman GTS 4.0. In between have been: a ’73 911T Targa, two 1975 Carreras, a 996 Carrera, an ‘01 996 twin turbo, an ’08 987.1 Cayman S, and a 2011 997 GTS.

I’ve been a member of several PCA regions over the years. I began with GGR in 1987, moved and was in the Smokey Mountain Region, moved again and was in Potomac Region, then moved back to Palo Alto and rejoined GGR from 1994-2007. I moved again and joined Las Vegas Region, and then two years ago, rejoined GGR. Golden Gate Region is my PCA roots.

I also hold a PCA national position as founder and administrator of one of PCA’s most successful online outreach endeavors, the PCA Cayman Register. Founded in 2009, it’s a very active online community of 3,578 PCA members. Most are Cayman owners, but all PCA members are welcome to join. I’ve also attended eight Porsche Parades, and won my class in the Parade Autocross at the 2007 Parade in San Diego. I’ve been a nationally trained PCA DE instructor for over 16 years, and instructed countless drivers, and mentored other PCA instructors at many PCA Instructor Training Clinics all around the West. I’m known as a bit of a track rat. 

Away from PCA, I’m semi-retired, but still have an active freelance business as a photojournalist (Pulitzer prize finalist in 1977 when I worked for United Press International), and a creative director specializing in the design and publishing of large coffee table book projects. I also have an active business as a pro high-performance driving instructor, racing coach, and race car tester.

Always feel free to contact me (vicepresident@pca-ggr.org) about Club business, and If you see me at an event, please stop by and say “hi!”

Brad Zucroff
GGR Region Vice President

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