GGR – Carlsen Porsche Autocross Series Event #1

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GGR – Carlsen Porsche Autocross Series Event #1


photo by Ron Wol

photo by Ron Wolfe

The first autocross of 2015 went off successfully March 22nd at the Marina Airport.

The day started sunny and warm, but a storm line blew through briefly at mid-day, bringing a light, drizzly rain. Fortunately, the squall exactly coincided with our lunch break. By the time we were ready to start running again, the sun had come back out and a drying wind had picked up. Afternoon runs were back to warm, sunny, and most importantly, dry conditions.

Our first-timers-run-free policy continues to be a big success. We had 11 new drivers get their first taste of autocrossing at this event. Ed Priest did a great job as chief instructor for this event, smoothly initiating the new drivers into the fraternity of autocross fanatics.

Our first of the year event went so smoothly because of the continuing efforts of the team of people that regularly volunteer their time to make it all happen.  I want to take this opportunity to give credit and many thanks to:

Elaine Macey – scheduling and permits
David and Sayuri Grieshaber– timing trailer towing
Ed Hunter – course setup
Greg and Larry Adams – on-site registration
Joe Lee, Chris Trailer, and Kevin Laird – timing systems
Neil Librock – chief instructor

But don’t think there’s anything exclusive about this club. Don’t hesitate to get involved. We can always use extra hands. We are, after all, a volunteer run organization, and everything runs bests when everyone’s helping.

The turn-out was 73 drivers, with 12 runs for all.

Mike Koozmin continued his dominant ways taking both Top Time of Day and the top PAX position in his 914-6 race car. Judy Glickman was Top Time for Ladies, running her ’09 Cayman S in the SS03L class

Full results are posted on the GGR Bulletin Board site at :

Our next GGR autocross will be Saturday, April 11th, down at Marina again. LPR runs Sunday the 12th, so you can get a double dose that weekend. Both events will be Zone 7 Autocross Series events.
Andrew Blyholder
GGR Autocross Chair
Remaining 2015 GGR Carlsen Porsche Autocross Series Calendar

April 11, Saturday, Marina Airport
May 23, Saturday, Alameda Point
June 20, Saturday, Alameda Point
July 18, Saturday, Alameda Point
August 30, Sunday, Alameda Point
September 13, Sunday, Marina Airport
October 17, Saturday, Alameda Point
Novermber 14, Saturday, Alameda Point

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