Fun Porsche Summer Kicking Off

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Fun Porsche Summer Kicking Off

With vaccinations proceeding and restrictions dropping, we’re kicking off a fun Porsche summer. Of course, we’ll continue to carefully adhere to all necessary precautions, but, with those caveats, it’s time to rev up those engines! Besides, if your Porsche just sits too long things start leaking. Drive your Porsche to keep you and the car happy!

Newly installed motoring chair Gilbert Bouzeid is planning a full slate of activities, so check out his column in this issue and watch your email for announcements of registration opening. Spots at these events go faster than Porsche RS models. These events are great way to meet people, socialize, and get in a little fun driving on a great scenic and windy road. Great driving, and it includes a wonderful lunch!

For a little more allegro one lap at a time, come join us at an autocross event. Chair Himanshu Patel (assisted by the ever-energetic VP Ed Hunter) brings us back to the Cow Palace on July 10, so here’s one more chance to really push your Porsche in a safe and controlled environment. Spots are reserved for first-timers, and free instruction is available (it does NOT get any cheaper than that). Wear your tires down now so you can get new ones for the rainy season!

If, on the other hand, total vivace is de rigueur for you, then head up to the track. All you need is your Porsche (it’s made for this stuff!) and a Snell 2015 or 2020 helmet. Instruction is likewise available, either in-car (my preference) or lead-follow if you’re still a bit nervous about another person in your car. Track chair Jim McClelland is hosting a GGR event at Sonoma Raceway this weekend for PCA club racers (gutted race cars trailered to the track) and Drivers’ Education (for people like me in “regular” Porsches which still have working air conditioning). Watch announcements for future events.

And, for folks just in the mood for a good excuse to get the chariot out and gather with some fun people, social chair Kate Efremova is ramping up some social events now that such things are permissible. Watch for future announcements for those, including possible charity events.

Lastly, we can’t forget the crazy-clean-car crowd (dba “Concours”). The Zone 7 Concours Series comes to Porsche Redwood City on Sunday, October 24 with a GGR-hosted event. Zone 7 concours chair Simone Kopitzki just finished hosting a series of events to introduce people to the (“sport?” “discipline”? “obsession?!”), so there has been fair warning that, in addition to all the usual cleaning and polishing, clean grease on your door latches is worth thinking about. This event is a charity fund raiser, so I will indeed be entering my car to support. I’m just so grateful that one no longer has to detail the engine on mid-engine cars! My shoulders are just not rated for that sort of thing any more.

So, there you go: absolutely no excuse to stay home and work on leaking! Come on out and join us for a fun Porsche summer. Beats sitting home reading The Nugget!

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