February Autocross Report

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February Autocross Report

While both our Alameda and Marina venues are under threat, it looks like our 2015 season will run without problems – Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

The problem at Marina is that some issues with other organizations who also use the site (not motorsport related!) prompted the FAA’s to start pushing to eliminate non-aviation activity at the airport. Fortunately, Marina Motorsports has a lot of support from the local community and the Marina City Council, so for now the FAA has relented and given them permission to proceed for the 2015 season. However, what will happen next year is anyone’s guess. Which is good reason for us all to be on our best behavior at all times in the Marina area and at the autocross site. Let’s not give them any reason to reverse course!

Scheduling events at Alameda was extra challenging this year also. The city let Google and Tesla book some large blocks of time, so we had more limited choices for dates than in years past. As a result, we couldn’t get a March date at Alameda, which is why we’re starting the season off at Marina.   Long term, the city has signed a contract with the VA to develop a new VA facility at our runway site, but so far, that project seems to be proceeding slowly.

GGR will be putting on the Porboys sponsored autocross school once again on August 29th. This will be a one-day school on Saturday, but it will be followed by a normal autocross on Sunday, so students will get the chance to use their new-found skills right away.

And if you can’t wait until August for some autocross training, Sacramento Valley Region (SVR) will be doing a two-day school over two weekends on March 21st and 28th, and Zone 7 will be arranging another two-day school on April 4th-5th.

With 4 regions running active autocross series, Zone 7 is a busy place for autocross. Some conflicts were inevitable, but we worked hard this year to minimize conflicting events to the greatest extent possible Below is a consolidated autocross schedule for the Golden Gate (GGR), Redwood (RR), Loma Prieta (LPR), and Sacramento Valley (SVR) regions.


March 14, Saturday:               RR #1, Santa Rosa

March 21, Saturday:               SVR AX ground school, Neillo Prosche

March 22, Sunday:                 GGR #1, Marina

March 28, Saturday:               SVR AX school exercises, Stockton

LPR #1, Marina


April 4-5:                                Zone Autocross School, Marina

April 11, Saturday:                 GGR #2 (Zone), Marina

SVR #1, Stockton

April 12, Sunday:                   LPR #2 (Zone), Marina

April 18, Saturday:                 RR #2, Santa Rosa


May 9, Saturday:                    RR #3 (Zone), Santa Rosa

May 10: Sunday:                    RR #4 (Zone), Santa Rosa

May 16, Saturday                   LPR #3, Marina

SVR #2, Stockton

May 23, Saturday:                  GGR #3 Alameda


June 6, Saturday:                    SVR #3 (Zone), Stockton

June 13, Saturday:                  RR #5, Santa Rosa

June 14, Sunday:                     LPR #4, Marina

June 20, Saturday:                  GGR #4, Alameda


July 11, Saturday:                   RR #6, Santa Rosa

July 18, Saturday:                   GGR #5, Alameda

LPR #5, Marina

SVR #4, Stockton


August 08, Saturday:              RR #7, Santa Rosa

August 15, Saturday:              SVR #5, Stockton

August 23, Sunday:                LPR #6, Marina

August 29, Saturday:              GGR AX School, Alameda

August 30, Sunday:                GGR #6, Alameda


September 12, Saturday:         LPR #7 (Zone), Marina

September 13, Sunday:           GGR #7 (Zone), Marina

September 19, Saturday:         RR #8, Santa Rosa

SVR #6, Stockton


October 3, Saturday:               RR #9, Santa Rosa

October 17, Saturday:             GGR #8, Alameda

SVR #7, Stockton

October 25, Sunday:               LPR #8, Marina


November 14, Saturday:         GGR #9, Alameda


Hope you see you out there!


Andrew Blyholder

GGR Autocross Chair

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