February 10th, 2022 Board Minutes

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February 10th, 2022 Board Minutes

Porsche Club of America

Golden Gate Region

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

10 February 2022


X President – Ed Hunter X Autocross – Himanshu Patel
X Vice President – Scott Kalkin X Motoring – Gilbert Bouzeid
X Secretary – Melinda Lin X Track – Howard Yao
X Treasurer – Canyon Chan X Nugget Editor – Aleksey Kadukin
X Membership – Michael Sherman X Webmaster – Chris Hamilton
X Social – Kate Efremova

Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order at 6:06pm.

Call for agenda changes:

None at this time.

Call for calendar changes:

None at this time.

Call for budget changes:

None at this time.

Past Events:

See below

Directors’ Reports:

The Director’s reports are each of the board members below:


  • 2022 Budget reviews
  • Advertising discussion/updates
  • Awards Dinner/Trophies: Perc Bliss/Don Lang found & will be engraved, Don Matthews still MIA = make a new one. Permanent trophies received – Himanshu has trophies and will have events scheduled in a couple of months.
  • Insurance – Crow’s Landing dates are set, try and have insurance under one certificate of coverage vs individual events


No updates


January Minutes, APPROVED.


  • $25-26K for reg for Drivers Education already received
  • Will make financial adjustments throughout the year as needed
  • Year-end review budget summary APPROVED, will be shared in the Nugget
  • Bank account shall be reconciled monthly and sent out to the Board for review
  • APPROVED the revised financial procedure documentation that was shared with Board & will modify as needed
  • Treasurer’s 2022 Budget APPROVED

Membership Director:

  • 47 new members, 99 renewals, 66 dropped, 64 up for renew for next month. Try to show to total club membership number as well.
  • New members APPROVED
  • Membership 2022 Budget APPROVED

Autocross Director:

  • Sample budget for each event location (Cow Palace, Crow’s Landing, and Autocross school) was APPROVED and the cost for trailer name change
  • Trophy/Awards Dinner – Himanshu will start looking at venues, plan for 75+ people, 4-6 weeks out minimum to advertise and plan
  • 1st AX March 12 @ Crows Landing, expecting large turn out
  • May have an AX in April and will need to begin planning

Track Director:

  • March 5-6: Instructor Training / DE 1 – Thunderhill East, event is currently half full with three more weeks left.
  • June: May have opportunity buy a Club Race run group at Laguna Seca, will know more next meeting
  • Sponsorship – Porsche of Redwood City has signed on to be the GGR Track Series sponsor

Motoring Director:

  • Motoring 2022 Budget APPROVED
  • 2022 Planned Events:

    • 8 Fun Drive/Social
    • 2-3 Tours
    • 1 Charitable and give back to members
  • Tiger Drive, sold out in 6 minutes, 5 groups (added one due to demand)
  • Valentines Touring Drive 2/12, sold out in 1.5 minutes, 4 groups (added one due to demand)
  • Women’s Drive is planned for 3/19

Social Director:

  • No Social 2022 Budget to approve as all events are pay as you go. Social event at The Refuge at Hillsdale Shopping Mall Feb 16 or 17 from 6-8pm TBC
  • Cars and Coffee Chez Nous Redwood City Feb 27 at 8:30, will be every month at different locations
  • Would like to have better advertising of events on all platforms and more lead time of when events will be occurring


  • Transitioned to Google Groups
  • All Board positions to have emails, in addition to Admin, Nugget, Motoring
  • Web redesign will be discussed in upcoming meetings, currently in WordPress, provide proposed budget and phased execution for next meeting

Nugget Editor:

  • Click rates are increasing
  • More information in regards to articles posted/linked
  • All Board Members to submit articles by 2/17, for next Nugget release

Topics for discussion:

Next meeting is scheduled for 3/10, planning to be an in-person meeting with optional videoconference dial-in


Meeting adjourned 8:16pm

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