Motoring & Social Report – May 2014

The walls of the tunnel under Devil’s Slide reverberated with the mighty roar of 28 GGR Porsches on the foggy morning of May 17. And what a sweet sound it was for the 42 drivers, wives & pals who participated in our fourth Fun Run of the year. We started[…]

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Autocross Report – June 2014

Andrew Blyholder Autocross Co-Chair

Autocross Where?

I cynically didn’t expect much response from my call last month for suggestions for new autocross sites, but did indeed get a number of very good suggestions and new ideas. Many thanks to those who responded. We will be pursuing all the ideas suggested in the coming months. And if anyone wants to take on the development of any sites or sites as a project, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Track Report – June 2014

Tim Smith Track ChairHere’s the rest of the 2014 season, for your scheduling convenience:

GGR 2014 Track Season

Jun 21-22 Laguna Seca – DE (following Porsche Parade)
Jul 12-13 Thunderhill – DE / TT (5 mile track!)
Sep 6-7 Thunderhill – DE / TT / CR (5 mile track!)
Oct 25-26 Sonoma – DE (w/ NASA)

For all you DEers and Club Racers, note that we will breaking in the new 5 mile track at Thunderhill Raceway at our July DE/TT and September DE/TT/ Club Race events!

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Board Minutes for May 21, 2014


GGR Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2014

Call to Order

President French called the meeting to order on May 21, 2014 at 5:15 p.m. at Northern California’s Premiere Porsche dealer CARLSEN Porsche in Redwood City. The following officers were present: President Richard French, Vice President Paul Larson, Treasurer Larry Adams, Social Chair Michael Griffin, Membership Chair Mike Sherman, Autocross Chair Andrew Blyholder, Webmaster Andrew Forrest, Track Event Chair Tim Smith and late-arriving Secretary Bill Benz. Bern Beecham attended as a guest.

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President’s Column – May 2014

Richard French PresidentAnother amazing month for the Golden Gate Region. We got to see tanks and missile launchers at the tour of the tank museum in Portola Valley, enjoyed a fun run and box lunch as we listened to the roar of over 30 Porsche’s in the route one devils slide tunnel, twisted through an Autocross course on a hot Saturday in Alameda, and enjoyed getting our cars dusty in Buttonwillow during a DE/TT/Club Race.

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Membership Report – June 2014


Primary Members: 1,648
Affiliate Members: 1,038
Life Members: 7
Total Members: 2,693
New/Transferred Members Total: 56 including Affiliate/Family

PCA Website

If you haven’t seen the new website that PCA has launched, go take a look: Very nice and quite functional…when you do get there, remember that they require you input a new password…and yes, I got caught in that trap as well. The new website lets us at our local level manage and organize our member data real time. We encourage you to keep familiarizing yourself with the site, and if you run into any problems, please report them to

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The Nugget Archives

Archives of the The Nugget, the monthly email magazine of the Porsche Club of America, Golden Gate Region, all the way back to 1962.

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