Buttonwillow HPDE/Club Race Weekend

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Buttonwillow HPDE/Club Race Weekend

We just got back from the Buttonwillow HPDE/Club Race weekend and it was fantastic. The counterclockwise direction is a total blast, a very rewarding circuit. The weather was good for Buttonwillow, the high 80s, but in the evening when we are having dinner and sipping on wine, the temperature was perfect under the desert sky. If you’re a horse, I can’t force you to drink, but I’m telling you, Buttonwillow is a great track, you don’t know what you’re missing until you actually try it.

Last month at Thunderhill, we presented Dan Thompson with the Don Lang Memorial Award, recognizing his years of participation as a track driver/instructor and as a senior member of the track team doing Race Control.

At Buttonwillow, we were very pleased to present the Perc Bliss award to John Seidell, who has been my partner in crime for two decades. John has been my Porsche Club dad, he has been there for me at every milestone of my personal growth. When I first joined the club in 1999, he was the Autocross Chairman, and he made me an AX Instructor. When I bought a 914 and the engine grenades, he and Larry Sharp taught me the fundamentals of wrenching on cars. We ran the GGR Beginners Autocross School for a gazillion years! When I did my first track day in that same 914, John was my first instructor. When I became a track instructor candidate, John was right there in my passenger seat teaching me the finer points of track driving and instructing. So I was just so happy to be able to present this trophy to my Porsche Club dad!

Laguna Seca is coming up next with a three-day Club Race and a two-day HPDE. This track has such amazing history, but with all the homes being built around it, the sound levels have been a major source of frustration. When a stock GT3 or GT4 cannot pass sound for most weekends, that’s a real bummer. But with a 105db day, all of the Porsches can run in full song with no issues!

Please consider joining us at the world-famous Sonoma Raceway, or Sears Point (or Infineon Raceway – ed) for those of you that have been around the block a few times. We will be there on August 26, 27, and 28. Yes, it’s a three-day weekend, come for 1 day, 2 days, or all 3 days if you are super hardcore. Registration is open on MotorsportReg at this link:


Looking forward to seeing you at the track!

Howard Yao

PCA-GGR Track Chair

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