Autocross Rules and Forms

Autocross Rules and Forms

(Updated January 2023)


GGR Autocross Club is adopting PCA ZONE 8 AUTOCROSS RULES for 2023 season. Register your car at Zone 8 Car Classification website to establish its CAR CLASS.

2023 PCA Zone 8 Rules

HELMETS: Snell SA2010 approved or newer helmet is required to participate in autocross events.


  • PCA Zone 8 Car Classification Website
  • GGR is adopting POINTS CAR CLASSES only. Autocross registrations will recognize only CC01 through CC18.
  • GGR ADDENDUM: All tires with treadwear rating between 140 and 240 will be assessed 20 performance points. Enter treadwear rating as 200 if it falls within this range for your car to accurately determine performance points for GGR Autocross events.
  • FUN class is available for drivers that do not want to participate in a points paying class.


GGR Autocross Seasonal Driver Numbers are available to new drivers at Numbers comprise of three numeric digits. Seasonal numbers are limited to one per member. Driver numbers not used in the past two seasons will be removed from the system and will be made available to other drivers.

Active drivers with more than two years of activity with GGR may request a two-digit number by contacting Autocross chair at


Events will be run in compliance with local and state mandated Covid-19 health orders. All attendees are required to follow these procedures.


Event participants and guests are required to sign waivers electronically during or after the registration process. Information on waivers below is provided for reference purposes only.

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