Autocross Report – June 2014

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Autocross Report – June 2014

Andrew Blyholder Autocross Co-Chair

Andrew Blyholder
Autocross Co-Chair

Autocross Where?

I cynically didn’t expect much response from my call last month for suggestions for new autocross sites, but did indeed get a number of very good suggestions and new ideas. Many thanks to those who responded. We will be pursuing all the ideas suggested in the coming months. And if anyone wants to take on the development of any sites or sites as a project, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tacos, Tacos, Wherefore Art Thou Tacos?

The taco truck that has been serving lunch at our autocrosses for the last several years has suddenly become unreliable, missing two of the first three events. My call for new autocross sites was such a crowd-sourcing success, I thought I’d try again on this subject: anyone know any good food truck businesses that would like to serve lunch to 100 hungry drivers on the occasional Saturday? Let me know.

991 Boxster & Cayman Base Points

Drivers of 991 Boxsters and Cayman have stated showing up to autocross events, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to properly class their cars because we hadn’t established base points for them in our classification system. That has now been rectified. And while we were at it, we went ahead and included base points for the new Macan models. So as soon as your new Macan gets delivered, bring it on out to an autocross!

The 991 base points were slow in coming because as an organization, we lost track of the magic spreadsheet with the mystical formula for calculating them. We’ve got that situation rectified now too, so hopefully we won’t have any further delays in establishing base points for new models.

Andrew Blyholder

Autocross #3 Report – Rally-style

The Porsche Club of America Golden Gate Region autocross #3 turned out to be an action packed event as trying out a different section of the runway, on and off the tarmac, provided us with a rally-style competitive driving event. Complete with slight elevation changes, on and off camber turns, wide sweeping turn-arounds and plenty of varying road conditions throughout the course, drivers experienced just about every possible scenario in an autocross imaginable. What a blast.

Autocross in Paradise

Autocross in Paradise

The day started with a set of 4 runs per driver and afforded everyone with another set of three for the afternoon run groups, for a total of 7 runs. As if that wasn’t enough, a large group of 20 or so folks stayed for an additional hour doing “FUN” runs. For those of you that don’t know, FUN runs are a set of timed runs that do not count as the competitive portion of the event, rather just go out there and hammer the course for… well… FUN. The folks that stick around get to shag cones for each other and sometimes if there are not enough workers you just leave a cone knocked down and keep running. Heck, it’s just for fun and it makes it a hilarious part of the challenge to come upon a misplaced cone and have to adjust accordingly. Overall, a wonderful event with fantastic people. What more can you ask for.

The top 5 seats (unofficially) went to:

1 AX02 Mike Koozmin 1973 914-6 57.111
2 AX03 Steve Lau 2006 Cayman S 57.379
3 FUN Joshua Salvage 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 57.588
4 AX02 Monty Pack 2011 GT3 RS 57.711
5 AX03 Scott Fraser 2002 GT2 58.160

Additional photos can be found here

Mike Koozmin
#10 1973 Porsche 914-6GT

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the year:

  • May 24th, Saturday, Alameda
  • June 28th, Saturday, Alameda (Autocross School on Sunday, Jun. 29th)
  • July 19th, Saturday, Alameda
  • August 16th, Saturday, Marina, Zone Event (LPR hosts on Sunday, Aug. 17th)
  • September 21st, Sunday, Marina, Zone Event (LPR hosts on Saturday, Sept. 20th)
  • October 18th, Saturday, Alameda
  • November 15th, Saturday, Alameda

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