Autocross Calendar Corrections

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Autocross Calendar Corrections

My apologies, some typo’s crept through our scrupulous copy editing of the February Autocross Report that listed the 2015 season autocross event dates.  I got the dates wrong for the following events:

RR #4 is on Sunday, May 10th, not the 19th.
GGR #4 is on Saturday, June 20th, not the 16th.
RR #7 is on Saturday, August 8th, not the 11th.

Below is a corrected table of all the Zone 7 autocross events.  I’ve corrected the February Autocross Report, so it shows the correct dates now too.

Regarding our June date: yes, it does conflict with those of you who might be driving back to French Lick for Parade.  Unfortunately, the available dates at our sites were so limited this year that this conflict was impossible to avoid.  It was take that date or have no event in June.  But that’s why we use drops in our season scoring system – missing one event shouldn’t make or break anyone’s season competition results.

Andrew Blyholder


2015 Zone 7 Autocross events:

March 14, Saturday:                RR #1, Santa Rosa
March 21, Saturday:                SVR AX ground school, Neillo Prosche
March 22, Sunday:                   GGR #1, Marina
March 28, Saturday:                SVR AX school exercises, Stockton
LPR #1, Marina

April 4-5, Sat. & Sun.:              Zone Autocross School, Marina
April 11, Saturday:                   GGR #2 (Zone), Marina
SVR #1, Stockton
April 12, Sunday:                      LPR #2 (Zone), Marina
April 18, Saturday:                   RR #2, Santa Rosa

May 9, Saturday:                       RR #3 (Zone), Santa Rosa
May 10, Sunday:                        RR #4 (Zone), Santa Rosa
May 16, Saturday                      LPR #3, Marina
SVR #2, Stockton
May 23, Saturday:                    GGR #3 Alameda

June 6, Saturday:                      SVR #3 (Zone), Stockton
June 13, Saturday:                    RR #5, Santa Rosa
June 14, Sunday:                       LPR #4, Marina
June 20, Saturday:                   GGR #4, Alameda

July 11, Saturday:                     RR #6, Santa Rosa
July 18, Saturday:                     GGR #5, Alameda
LPR #5, Marina
SVR #4, Stockton

August 8, Saturday:                   RR #7, Santa Rosa
August 15, Saturday:                 SVR #5, Stockton
August 23, Sunday:                    LPR #6, Marina
August 29, Saturday:                 GGR AX School, Alameda
August 30, Sunday:                    GGR #6, Alameda

September 12, Saturday:         LPR #7 (Zone), Marina
September 13, Sunday:             GGR #7 (Zone), Marina
September 19, Saturday:          RR #8, Santa Rosa
SVR #6, Stockton

October 3, Saturday:                  RR #9, Santa Rosa
October 17, Saturday:               GGR #8, Alameda
SVR #7, Stockton
October 25, Sunday:                   LPR #8, Marina

November 14, Saturday:           GGR #9, Alameda

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