August 2020 Autocross Report

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August 2020 Autocross Report

July 11th treated another set of fifty fast fingered participants to our second autocross event held at Cow Palace. Not to be outdone by the first event participants two weeks back, second autocross event participants filled up all fifty slots within two minutes of opening of the registration, a full minute quicker! Cancellation of the July 19th event at a different location required us to approach Cow Palace for an additional date. Thanks to Cow Palace and to the GGR leadership team, we were able to put this event together with a short notice.

Event participants were blessed with perfect weather with lows around 60 °F in early morning and highs reaching 70 °F in the afternoon. Wind gods showed mercy this time by not re-arranging our equipment, timing gear in particular. This coupled with a relatively short course (per GGR standards), rewarded drivers with a total of FIFTEEN laps. Top three fastest times of the day were posted late in the day by Grant Keyser, Eric Lam and Steve Lau in AX04 class. Drew Powers and Teddy Framhein duked it out in AX07 class to garner the fourth and fifth spots. Both drivers traded top spots in their class throughout the day with Drew eventually eking out a narrow margin of 0.03 seconds. This battle is not over yet! PAX scene witnessed a diverse array of car classes with Andrew Blyholder taking the top spot in his 1974 914 [AX16] for two events in a row. Grant Keyser [AX04], Drew Powers [AX07], Teddy Framhein [AX07] and Grady Carter [Ax09] filled up the remaining top five spots.

A special shoutout goes to Andrew Blyholder. Andrew had a car problem early morning soon after helping the trailer towing person in Alameda. His car decided to turn economy mode on by stopping two cylinders from firing. Leave it up to Andrew to limp home, only to turn around and show up at the event in his non-Porsche car to complete the course setup on time. What an effort! We are grateful to Andrew for his dedication and for his unselfish actions.

We have added October 4th to the calendar. This date augments the other two remaining dates – August 29th and October 24th at Cow Palace. We remain hopeful on getting September 20th and November 15th dates at Crows Landing and continuing to explore additional dates.

Himanshu Patel

On behalf of the Autocross Team

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