April, 2021 Autocross News

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April, 2021 Autocross News

Please note: Our April 11 event location is changed to Crows Landing. Event capacity is increased to 75 participants. We welcome up to five first time participants for this event.

Fifty GGR Autocross Enthusiasts kicked off the 2021 season on March 13th at Cow Palace. The new year introduced drivers to a new car classification system Thanks to Zone 8 for hosting our cars classification registrations this year. The new year also brought an update on helmet requirements. SA2005 and older helmets are no longer accepted at our autocross events.

Event registration process was no different from the ones we experienced last year. Fifty spots filled up in one minute and thirty seconds. Relaxing Covid-19 standards should allow us to increase participant count to seventy-five individuals going forward.

We were blessed to have another great day of autocrossing at Cow Palace, considering it being a rainy season. Drivers ended up enjoying seven runs in the morning and seven more runs in the afternoon.

2020 Porsche Redwood Series awards were handed out in the morning before the start of our event. Awards for those drivers unable to attend are stored in the trailer and will be distributed at future events.

Most drivers achieved their fastest lap times during Runs 11 and 13 as indicated in the Fastest Lap chart below, with almost as many drivers achieving the same during Runs 12 and 14. Kudos to the early achievers who got it done as early as Run 5. Average lap times saw a steady decline as expected, except for the last two laps.

Cone count was kept relatively low at 147.

Congratulations to the seven drivers that avoided cones entirely at the event.



Seeing the white 2010 Cayman, bearing car number 87, at top of the leaderboard is a common sight at our events. “Stormy” acquired a new sponsor for AX#1 event. Witness the NASCAR style sticker in the rear. Unlike a NASCAR race driver though, Steve Lau used his props over his mouth to acknowledge his sponsor. Witness the cast on his left foot. Not sure how much it slowed him down. I can only dream of finishing fifth in this ultra-competitive environment.

Himanshu Patel

GGR Autocross Chair

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