A Bouquet of Extreme Motoring Fun

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A Bouquet of Extreme Motoring Fun


A photo was taken from the Halloween Drive and Social Event

On October 31st, a gathering of “Superheroes” took place, even “Superman” was at the party during the Halloween Touring Drive and Social event! It was such a fun and enjoyable gathering where all 50 members were dressed up for Halloween! Members were greeted with Halloween Candies (no tricks were requested, just treats). Mathieu, our photographer, joined the party too and was able to take some amazing photos for our members (those photos were shared with all members that joined this party). After a nice drive in the Santa Cruz mountains on clear and twisty roads, we gathered in a high-end Mexican restaurant, where we enjoyed the delicious guacamole and an entree while cheering with a glass of Margarita!

What about November 13th?! The FIRST Women’s Drive organized by PCA GGR took place then! It was majestic! A big thanks to all 30 participants that were able to join us at this lovely gathering! A special thanks also to our event planners Wen and Jeannie for making such an event a reality! And a big thanks to our lead drivers (Wen and Tonie) and our sweep drivers (Jeannie and Birgit). Stay tuned for future similar events.

Now a glimpse into the future, what’s coming? The Holiday Drive Social event is around the corner!! ​​This is a drive for CHARITY! This event will take place on Saturday, December 11th! The Event registration is FREE, though we ask all participants to donate to a charity of their choice before registering. When we get to our destination, we will have a drawing based on all registrars’ names. If their name is a winner, PCA GGR will CONTRIBUTE $1,000 to the charity they donated to! Also, PCA GGR motoring will be offering a glass of WINE for each participant (for free) at the destination during lunch. The announcement for this event is to be sent out the week of November 15th, hope you all can join us.



PCA GGR Motoring Director

A photo was taken from the Women’s Drive and Social Event

Halloween Touring Drive and Social Event photos by Mathieu Schapeler

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