2020 GGR Financials

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2020 GGR Financials

Hello GGR,
Please find attached the summary financials for 2020. As we’ve
mentioned before, in 2020, we switched to cash accounting for our
financial statements, which has greatly simplified our bookkeeping and
will also help with budget tracking. This means that all income and
expenses are now recorded when they hit our bank account, so the
statements reflect the transactions as they occurred in calendar 2020.
It should be noted that there are some transactions near the start/end
of a year which may be for an event the prior/following year, though.
In such cases, we have added a few notes to provide more clarity or
context on the amounts for a given event or category.

2020 was certainly a challenging year with the pandemic. We were able
to still have a short autocross season, and a few track events, while
improving our overall financial position.

Please feel free to contact me at treasurer@pca-ggr.org if you have
any questions.

GGR Treasurer

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