Wishing You Safe & Happy Holidays; Club News; Board Elections

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Wishing You Safe & Happy Holidays; Club News; Board Elections

As GGR closes out 2020, we’d like to extend to all our members and their families best wishes for safe and happy holidays.

Clearly, these are challenging and scary times. All are stressed trying to carry on with life while worrying about prospects for disease and death. Normal routines seem distant memory, and restrictions and challenges vary unpredictably and daily. Fear hangs over like a constant storm.

A positive attitude is perhaps more important than ever. Sure, precautions are prudent, but it is equally important to appreciate each day the good that remains in life and to work steadily on prospects for better times. They are coming. This is not the first or the most serious pandemic to cross from animals to humans. We will get through this. Resilience is already building from the many who’ve recovered with little or no symptoms and a vaccine is imminent. In the meanwhile, best efforts to protect the most vulnerable and to assure needed health care remains available.

Incoming Social Director Kate Efremova

Here at GGR, we’ve likewise worked to continue on and offer a bit of much-needed fun in a Covid-safe fashion. Despite the many and changing challenges (venues closed, fire evacuations), autocross chair Himanshu Patel actually managed to complete six incident-free events—enough to offer championship trophies for the year. Certainly, attendance was limited to half our usual cohort due to Covid restrictions (apologies to those unable to get in), but the events ran like clockwork and attendees were treated to 12-14 runs each event. Thanks to Himanshu and the entire autocross team for pulling off this stupendous feat.

Elected Treasurer Canyon Chan

Much work lies behind the deceptively flawless execution. Among other measures, attendance fees were doubled so that events could finish in the black with reduced attendance and increased costs. Thanks goes to the entire crew at the Cow Palace for providing outstanding and friendly customer service to make these events possible and to Loma Prieta Region and the Golden Gate Lotus Club for coordinating on logistics to make split weekends easier to pull off. So much easier to do only half of course setup and takedown!

Elected Autocross Chair Himanshu Patel

Lifewise, track chair Jim McClelland—after many cancellations and much rescheduling, managed to pull off two Drivers’ Education weekends and two PCA club races. Thanks to the entire track team for making this possible, and to PCA for their cooperation with the club races. For many, it was a welcome chance to get out there and wear down some tires and brakes. Jim is still running down final numbers for the year, but it looks like the series will come in somewhat in the red—a huge improvement over last year, but not good enough. The plan is to do better in 2021.

Incoming Vice President Ed Hunter

Circumstances preventing mounting a fun run series this year (we did get one in early in the year), but we’re hopeful 2021 will prove more propitious. The Motoring Chair job (a voting board of directors position) is still looking for a candidate. Do give us a holler if you’re interested and have experience organizing or leading past fun runs.

Returning Membership Director
Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman

Lastly, we completed a board of directors election. The board welcomes Kate Efremova as Social Director and Ed Hunter as Vice President. Kate is new to a club position, but Ed previously served as Autocross Chair. Two fill-ins elected for a full two-year term were Himanshu Patel for Autocross Chair and Canyon Chan as Treasurer. Himanshu and Canyon served in these roles this year. Lastly, the board welcomes back Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman in Membership and, for Nugget editor, what can we say: Executive Editor CoCo Giselle offered up what’s-his-name for another term. Here’s hoping he behaves.

For one more bit of news, see the separate blog post on our annual Toys for Tots Benefit / Volunteer Appreciation Day, which we’re pleased to have in this year when a bit of joy on Christmas morning seems more needed than ever.

Nugget Executive Editor CoCo Giselle & what’s-his-name

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