Visiting the Boxster

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Visiting the Boxster

After donating our 1997 Boxster “Werkseigen” to the Blackhawk Museum few months back, we just had to go visit it in its new home. Schedule allowed this past week and we made the trek over to the Museum in Danville. It was a good excuse to check out the other cars there!

Nice digs! Not sure if the car had ever been parked before on a polished granite floor, but there it was. The aisle on the way to the car was lined with Italians: a Ferrari 488 Spider, a Ferrari F12tdf, and a Lamborghini Centanario. Fast company!

Italians lined the aisle.

The security guard on duty was nice enough to pull back the velvet rope so I could take a photo right next to the car.

Me and The Chariot

The placard next to it gave a brief extract of the history and uniqueness of the car as documented in the research I did and the feature story I wrote for Panorama.

A brief bit of the history

There was only one other Porsche on display: a 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI. Not quite sure how they determined car placement. Possibly the cars were close enough to chat in German with each other.

The Other Porsche

After all the great times I’d had in the car at autocross, the track, concours, or just driving it around, I’m glad it has a suitable home where its uniqueness and history will be honored. A new Porsche will be coming when Porsche gets around to releasing some mid-engine car production slots. Good thing I had some farewell autocross and track days before sending the car on its way! And special thanks to Autocross Chair Ed Hunter for letting me autocross my BMW while waiting for the new car to arrive.

The last outing in the car

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