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Videos! We Got Videos!

Capt. Mike (AKA) Capt. Michael Sherman, USN-Ret.
Membership Director

GGR Regional Summary

Total Members 3373

Primary Members

Affiliate Members 1083

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Members who renewed

New/Transferred Members last 30 days 61

Watch the GT3 RS on the Nürburgring!

There’s some amazing footage on the PCA website of the newest GT3 RS kicking tail on the Nürburgring.  Check out the skills and handling of the Porsche pirates as they broke the record set by the 887-horsepower 918 Spyder hypercar five years ago .  The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS, with just 520 horsepower, set the record with 6:56.4. The 918’s former production car lap record was set less than five years ago.  It’s fun to watch the techniques that Porsche factory driver Kévin Estre exhibited on the run. Sometimes watching these videos are tremendous tutorials. Check it out here:

Watch the 917 Come to Life on Canvas!

The 917 KH Gulf, motor racing legend and star of the film “Le Mans” with Steve McQueen, has experienced a revival.  The powerful 1970s icon in the Porsche vehicle warehouse has been immortalized on canvas with the help of oil paint and YouTuber Roman Miah.  Check it out here.

How do you say it? POR SHUH!

Believe it or not, there are people all over the world wondering: How do I pronounce “Porsche” correctly? The pronunciation of “Porsche” isn’t too difficult.  But then there’s the story of the guy who wanted his porch painted, hired a kid to do it and found his car repainted! So, a video directly from the source was created to enlighten the masses. It’s not that hard folks; there are two syllables – Por and Shuh.  But people – and especially the media – still don’t know how to do it.  So “Por Shuh” produced a video for them.  Turn the sound on and take a look:

Porsche Begins 2018 with 1stQtr Growth

It’s been a successful start to the year for Porsche: In the first quarter of 2018, Porsche AG delivered around 63,500 vehicles worldwide, equivalent to an increase of six per cent compared with the previous year.  China was once again the largest individual market for Porsche. With more than 18,600 vehicles delivered, the Chinese market exceeded last year’s result by three per cent. In Europe, more than 20,600 vehicles were handed over to customers, which corresponds to an increase of 8 per cent. There has also been growth in Germany: With more than 7,700 vehicles delivered, Porsche recorded an increase of 8 per cent in its home market.

Once again, the most successful model has been the Macan: More than 23,000 of these sporty SUVs have been delivered worldwide. The fascination with the 911 still lives on. At the beginning of the year, Porsche delivered more than 9,600 vehicles to customers, which represents an increase of 35 per cent.

Tech Sessions to Resume

The good news is that we continue to grow with support from all you members who continue to assist and advise the board on the direction and needs of the club. For instance, we’re reviewing the recent poll and take action on a number of recommendations. One such is the resumption of tech sessions. We’re discussing these with our principal sponsor, Carlsen Porsche, to create a couple sessions this year. We will let you know dates and topics soon.

Carlsen Porsche Concours Slated for October


Great news is that we’re gearing up for this year’s annual concours! As some might recall, we were unable to hold the 2017 Carlsen/GGR Concours and barbecue due to construction at the dealership…they’ve really undergone an extensive renovation. But we are back on, so pencil in Sunday, October 7, 2018…perhaps a bit of Oktoberfest in Redwood City? Look for the flyer announcing it officially, but here’s the skinny for now:

Presented by Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.  This event is part of the 2018 Zone 7 Competition Series

Carlsen Porsche Dealership, 3636 Haven Avenue, Redwood City, CA

Entry Fee: Judging: $40.00 per car /No Displays this year due to lack of room

Car Placement from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Judging begins at 10:00 a.m.  Awards will be presented at 2:00 p.m.

A catered buffet lunch for all participants and guests will be hosted by Carlsen Porsche

 Refer a Friend

 If you have friends who might be interested in Porsche, go to the PCA website and the “Refer a Friend” feature. It’s an excellent way to invite and introduce prospective members to the Porsche Club of America.  It is an easy and quick way to follow up after making a personal contact.  See the steps below.  The great thing about this feature is that ANY member can use it.  So, give it a try.

1. Log in to your account.
2. From the Menu Bar, click Membership, Refer a Friend.
3. Under “Refer Friends” enter the email addresses of friends you would like to refer.  Separate each email address by a comma.
4. Under “Message” an automatic message will appear.  Feel free to make changes.  In fact, I would encourage you to personalize your message and direct them not only to the PCA website, but the Membership Benefits page as well (  Whatever message is in the box will be sent to each friend you listed.

 New Members in April

Please welcome them aboard when you see them

Name Car
Raziel Alvarez 2013 BoxsterS Basalt Black Metallic
Larry Barras 2011 911 CarreraS Cabriolet Basalt Black Metallic
Daniel Beeder 2014 Boxster Silver
Joe Burton 2014 Cayenne Black
Steve Cartt 2014 911 Turbo Dark Blue Metallic
Jung Wook Cho 2016 Cayman White
Anton D'Auria 1996 911 Carrera Cabriolet Guards Red
Rory Dale 1986 944 White
Kamal El-Wattar 1967 911S White
Greg Fox 2013 911 Carrera Silver
Omar Hassen 2018 911 CarreraS
Chris Huynh 2015 911 CarreraS Jet Black Metallic
Brett Klein 2003 911 Turbo
Patricio Lankenau Ahumada 2007 911 CarreraS Cabriolet Black
Timothy Lee 2013 911 CarreraS Aqua Blue Metallic
Orison Lee 1993 968 Black
Bryant Lusk 2011 Cayman Black
Brad Lyon 2004 BoxsterS Steel Grey
John McGowan 2007 Boxster Silver
John McKay 2014 911 CarreraS White
Kali Nguyen 1993 911 Carrera4
Francisco Nogueira 2015 911 Carrera4S
Hafid Ortega 2007 Cayman Atlas  Grey
Dmitri Petrov 2018 718 Boxster Blue
Gary Sackett 2008 BoxsterS White
Raul Santana 2011 Cayenne
Andrew Shackelford 2007 CaymanS Black
James Tetherow 2004 911 Turbo Cabriolet Silver
Steve Tinkler 2016 911 Carrera GTS GT Silver
Navid Tofigh 2011 911 CarreraS Cabriolet Basalt Black Metallic
Christo Tonev 2015 CayenneS E-Hybrid Blue
Will Truong 2013 BoxsterS Racing Yellow
Timothy Williams 2008 Cayman S Silver
Andrew Yu 2011 Cayman Brown

Congrats to our May 2018 Anniversary Members!

ImageIn a galaxy far, far away, erudite automobile fans decided…let’s buy an incredible car…one that will run forever…one that we can flout to British automobile owners as better, by far!  We are proud to have you as members and thank you for your commitment to GGR.  Here are the members who will celebrate their anniversaries in May.



45 Years (1973)

Daniel Macdonald 1959 356 Black

35 Years (1983)

Sergio Meza 1970 911E
Edmund Ong 1976 911

30 Years (1988)

Rick Brown 1980 911 SC

25 Years (1993)

Edward Brown 2001 Boxster Seal
Anthony Heyer 1998 Boxster        
Thomas Sigmon 1993 911 CarreraRS 3.8 Blue

20 Years (1998)

Allan Grimm 1997 911 Carrera
Robert Lawrence 1981 911 SC
Robert Sutton 1989 944S2

15 Years (2003)

John Butler 1984 911 Carrera TargaChiffon
Lawrence Choy 2015 911Carrera4SCabrioletMetallic Black
Ron Nersesian 2000 911 Carrera4 Cabriolet   

10 Years (2008)

Kevin Laird 2011 911 TurboS Grey

5 Years (2013)

David Gross 2006 911 CarreraGT Silver Metallic
Eric Lam 2015 911 GT3 Sapphire Blue
Richard Last 1988 944S Red
Eric Lee 2012 CaymanR Green
Arne Lund 1980 911SC Red
Jaime Mendoza 2011 CayenneS Silver
Marianne Merritt 2008 CaymanS Midnight Blue
Michael Odonnell 2008         911GT2 Black
Llewellyn Powers 2011 911 CarreraS Aqua Blue
Gonzalo Silveira 1986 944 Turbo White

GGR Placards


I’ve restocked the cupboard with all new reprints of our placard that feature our new numbers (3200+) and I know you’ll want to hand these out! These are available at every GGR function and we’d like you to pick some up and feel free to use them whenever you see an unaffiliated Porsche sitting idle. I stick them on windshields of Porsches or hand them to drivers if they don’t have our logo in the window.  No one is safe from the devious membership director! Porsche owners in Half Moon Bay now run when they see me coming!  If you want, I’ll even mail some to you so you can hand them out…let me know and I’ll get them to you! 





 Badges – I still got em! C’mon…I’ll SEND THEM!


If you failed to pick up your badge at some even, let me know…I’ll send it to you….! C0ntact me at: HMBSHERM@COMCAST.NET

I still have a HUUUGE back-log of badges created from event “no shows.”  Please make sure to ask for yours at the next event you attend, we’ll have them set out. Member badges are provided free to all those new members/affiliates who RSVP and attend social and/or driving events for the first time. Otherwise, member badges are available for a small fee through Spotlight Impressions in San Mateo. The badges feature the GGR logo, your name and a convenient magnetic clasp. The cost is $12.00 for the badge plus shipping. So, it behooves you to get them from us during an event. Otherwise, to order your badges fill out the form on our website at and email back to Spotlight Impressions at  Make sure to wear your badge to all functions to help interact with 0ther members!

Logo Wear!

We’ve got a great selection at the GGR- PCA online Webstore with both men and women’s hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.  The site features a whole line of wearable GGR plunder. It’s located at; look for us in the regional section, create an account, and get shopping.  If you have a recommendation for some other item, let us know.


Remember to check the calendar for upcoming events.  See you at the AX,  Track, Fun Run or next social function, e.g., Boxster Brunch?

Enjoy May – from your friendly Taurus – Capt. Mike

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