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Various and Sundry Items

Esteemed Drivers,

As we start off the 2019 calendar year, there are a few “business” items to pass your way.  Let’s get right to them.

DE and Club Race Registration Dates:  Perhaps it would be nice if we gave you some kind of notice of when registration for our 2019 track events will open (rather than just spring them on you when they do):

EventEvent DateRegistration Opens
Thunderhill IT/DEFebruary 16-17January 6
Thunderhill DE/Club RaceMarch 23-24February 4
Thunderhill DEApril 26-28March 11
Buttonwillow DE/Club RaceMay 18-19April 1
Laguna Seca Club Race *July 18-21June 3
Thunderhill DE/Club RaceSeptember 7-8July 22
Laguna Seca DEOctober 18-20August 26
Sonoma Club RaceOctober 26-27September 9

* will include a DE run group for advanced drivers only

Proposed Rules Changes:  We have three items to present – two for your review and one for your information – with which to amend GGR’s DE rules.  Should you have any comment on any of the proposed changes, please email them to your track chair at  Your DE committee met and discussed all three, and recommend them to the board for enactment as follows:

Proposed Change No. 1:  Section 1.1 – Permitted Vehicles

Propose to amend the rule to allow Cayenne and Macan SUVs to participate in DE events.  Actually, this has been in practice since early 2016 under the board’s approval to suspend the rule pending a board approved change in the rule language.  The section’s amended language is proposed as follows:

a.  For Driver’s Education, these rules apply to any Porsche automobile.

b.  For Autocross, these rules apply to any Porsche Automobile.

c.  All non‐mass produced Porsche sports or racing cars (e.g. Cup cars), must be approved by the event chair, chief driving instructor, or designee prior to competing in these events.

d.   All non‐Porsche vehicles must be approved by the event chair, chief driving instructor, or designee prior to participating in these events, must comply with Section 2.2 below and pass technical inspection.  Non-Porsche SUVs are not permitted.

Proposed Rule Change No. 2:  Section 4.6 – Car Numbers Requirements

Propose to amend the rule to provide some flexibility to accommodate drivers who run with another region the day preceding a GGR DE weekend.  Base requirements remain unchanged – numbers on all four sides of the car (front hood, doors, rear bumper), and the new minimum height will be 10 inches.  This line item on the tech form will follow suit.  The section’s amended language is proposed as follows:

a.  Car numbers must be on the car and correct for the driver at all times in order for course personnel, event officials and your fellow competitors to identify cars and their drivers.

b.  Numbers must be a color contrasting with the body color, and legible from starter tower and corner worker stations.

c.  Reflecting numbers are discouraged and shoe polish is not allowed.

d.  Numbers must be a minimum of 10 inches high, 1‐1/2 to 2 inches in stroke width and must be securely attached.  The number on the rear may be at least half the regular size but still legible.

e. Numbers shall be placed on both sides of the car, and on the front and the rear of the car.  Side numbers are preferred to be on doors, but where door placement is not feasible, 6 inch high contrasting numbers will be allowed on fixed side rear quarter windows.  No numbers shall be located on the driver’s or front passenger windows.

f. Front and rear numbers are preferred to be placed on the front hood and rear bumper, respectively, but where hood and rear bumper placement is not feasible, 6 inch high contrasting numbers may be placed on the upper portion of the passenger side of the windshield and the upper portion of the driver’s side of the rear glass.

g. Location, style, legibility and mounting of all car numbers are subject to approval of the Tech Inspector.

h. Car numbers are assigned by the Registrar and will remain assigned to active participants of the Driver’s Education Series.  Car number requests will be considered subsequent to an initial event registration.  Car numbers assigned to drivers who have not participated in the Driver’s Education series for one series year may be recycled and reassigned.

i.  Drivers sharing a car may use the same car number but with a suffix (e.g. “A” , “L”, “X” etc.) attached to the number in order to distinguish the drivers.  Additionally, for a participant requesting a number that has already been assigned, the participant may also choose to use that number with a suffix (e.g. “A”, “L”, “X” etc.).  Temporary number assignments for a given event may be accommodated at the discretion of the Registrar.

j.  For the purpose of this section, “participation” shall mean driving in at least one event, or performing volunteer work in at least two events, in one series year.  Nonparticipating drivers may reserve their number for $25.00 per year for a maximum of two consecutive years.

Proposed Rule Change #3:  Reference Current (2018) PCA National DE Minimum Standards

Not a GGR-proposed rule change, but an update to our reference to the PCA National DE Minimum Standards.  We typically include the full text as Appendix D of the GGR DE rules, and we will continue to do so.  The revisions in the 2018 Minimum Standards are plentiful, significant, and more stringent.  For the purposes of this blog, you may access the Minimum Standards and review them here.

Thank you for taking the time to review the proposed rule changes, and thank you for your comments if you choose to do so.  The board will act on these at their next meeting.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

See you at the track!


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