Track Orientation

Track Orientation

Track Orientation is the first step in GGR’s comprehensive Driver’s Education program to learn to drive around a race track in a manner that is safe, fast and fun. You will learn how GGR runs the track events, what you can expect from fellow drivers, and start learning how to drive your Porsche at speed on a track.

Attendance is:

  • Mandatory for the first time in any GGR track event.
  • Recommended if you have track experience but you are new to this particular track.
  • Optional for everyone else, but all are welcome.

Dates: For 2011 and beyond, Track Orientation will be held at the track the evening before each GGR week-end.

Time: Track Orientation starts promptly at 6:00 pm and lasts until 8:30 pm or we run out of questions, whichever comes first.

Program: Track Orientation consists of classroom discussion, very low speed laps around the track in SUVs, and videos. The main benefit of holding the session at the track is to give every student a chance to see the paddock, pits and circuit before driving the following day.

Every attendee will receive a handout with useful information about GGR track days, the GGR’s Time Trial Driver’s Handbook and a copy of Hank Watts’ Secrets of Solo Racing book.

Registration: Registration is done through MotorsportReg. Sign-up for the track week-end of your choice and you will see an option to sign-up for the Track Orientation session the evening prior to the first track day. The fee for Track Orientation is included in your student fees.

Preparation: Prior to your first track day, you need to:

  • Prepare your car
    • Get your car teched by a qualified individual 30 days before your track day. (It is a good idea to have a professional check your car thoroughly once a year).
    • Install car numbers as soon as you have your assigned number. (You will keep the same number as long as you remain active in GGR track events.)
    • Check your tires and brake pads for wear before coming.
    • Fill out the event tech sheet yourself and bring it to the track.
  • Prepare yourself
    • Get a good helmet that fits well. Must be certified Snell 2005 or better.
    • Wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt, long cotton plants, closed shoes made of natural (non-synthetic) material.
    • Driving gloves are optional but recommended.
    • Learn or review the flags.
    • Review the track turn-by-turn description by following the links above.
    • Autocross as much as possible to understand your car dynamics.
    • Internalize: safe and fun first, then fast.
    • Relax and prepare to have a good a good time.
  • Note: Save timers, pyrometers, accelerometers and other gadgets for later. If you bring a video camera, it MUST be securely installed in the car, it cannot be held by hand.

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