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Porsche Club of America – Golden Gate Region (GGR) offers three distinct types of Porsche-only racetrack events:

We want to give each participant the chance to get in touch with the high performance side of their car. We emphasize safety and fun.

GGR is pleased to announce its 2019 calendar of track events:

February 16-17:  Instructor Training and DE #1 (no students this event) / Thunderhill 2 Mile course;
March 23-24:  DE #2 and Club Race #1 / Thunderhill 3 Mile course;
April 26-28 (three days):  DE #3 / Thunderhill 5 mile course;
May 18-19:  DE #4 and Club Race #2 / Buttonwillow course 1;
July 18-21 (four days):  Club Race #3 and DE #5 (advanced only) / Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca (103 dB);
September 7-8:  DE #6 and Club Race #4 / Thunderhill 3 Mile course;
October 18-20 (three days):  DE #7 / Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca (92 dB);
October 26-27:  Club Race #5 / Sonoma Raceway (w/ NASA).

Please see our calendar of events for more details about events as they become available. 

Driver Education & Time Trials

Hot pit at Laguna Seca

Hot pit at Laguna Seca


Driver Education (DE) gives you the opportunity to practice high speed driving in a controlled environment. Our instruction program is one of the best of any club on the West Coast. Time Trials (TT) let you evaluate your performance against the clock, with the track effectively all to yourself. With every passing weekend, you can measure your personal improvements.


Club Racing


Club Racing (CR) is wheel-to-wheel racing for any type of Porsche car. The racing is fun, safe, and clean. It is managed under the guidance and rules of PCA National.


  Registration Additional and last minute info
Driver Education / Timed Runs: Driver Ed/TR Forum
Club Racing: Register.PCA.ORG ( Club Race Forum

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