’Tis the Season

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’Tis the Season

We’re almost through the month of March, and it really feels like the driving season is now in full swing. The weather is in our favor in Northern California, meaning we don’t have to store our fun cars for the winter like many poor souls in other parts of the country (though really you can’t have much more fun than a Carrera 4S on snow tires, that’s for sure), but since we’ve now kicked off our fun runs, track series, and autocross series, I feel like my seat time has gone way up lately. Recent rains be damned!

I’m writing this from Willows, where we’ve just completed our second HPDE for the year and hosted a round of the West Coast Club Racing Series at Thunderhill Raceway Park. Last weekend I attended round number 1 of our Carlsen Autocross Series and lead a wonderful group of drivers for our Saratoga to Pescadero Fun Run. In two weeks time I’ll be leading a group on our Mendocino three day Fun Run overnighter.

I’m not going to lie – being President sure makes a great excuse to get our there and drive with this fine club!

While our events sometime mean time away from my kids, I’m happy that PCA is a family-friendly club, and I’m very excited to have my eldest son joining me on the Mendocino run. As soon as he turns 16, he’ll be out at autocross (trust me, he won’t let me forget that). I’d encourage you to sign up your kids for the new PCA Juniors program, which gives them some nice perks and helps them get involved in the club. When age appropriate, do get them involved; Car culture is dying in the younger generation, and it’s our responsibility to make sure they understand the power of the stick shift and flat six.

Gas up, check the tires, and join me at one of our upcoming events. You don’t even need an excuse, just tell whoever is asking that your Porsche is calling.

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