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Thank you

While it may be unoriginal of me to write a thank-you column around the time of the Thanksgiving holiday, it is certainly not insincere.

Let me start with Larry Adams, a tireless volunteer to the club, operating as treasurer most recently but often with multiple hats on, such as, until recently, our liaison to Carlsen Porsche, rally and concours organizer, autocrosser and even some Zone 7 roles. Larry has been conscientious and efficient throughout.

Bern Beecham has joined our Board in the capacity of Social Director carrying on the revolution to GGR’s reputation as a competition-only region. Bern is building on the “fun run” formula established by his predecessor and continues to preside over sold out, extremely well received events.

Like Larry, Andrew Blyholder has been at it for a while, most recently as the Autocross Chairman which is now a director position on the Board. As one of the activities in the club with many events and relatively modest requirements for beginners, Autocrossing is often one of the first events new members attend and Andrew has done a wonderful job of ensuring the series is both well run and welcoming.

I am personally indebted to John Celona who, in addition to steering the Nugget to its current electronic form (a move that is much copied throughout the zone and beyond), he has been a highly accessible consigliere to me given he is also a past President.

I’m excited to recognize some enthusiastic newcomers to the Board too, starting with Brian Emmett who has signed up (and delivered!) on being the club’s secretary. No sooner did he get started than it seemed we had an election (over which the secretary presides). Brian managed to pull that off smoothly and there is absolutely no sign that any recounts will be requested!

Richard French has managed to juggle a challenging schedule with a demanding day job and the role of Track Chairman, putting on a busy season of events. He will be quick to say that his team runs very well (and they do) but I’m sure Richard has had something to do with the success of the series too!

Our Vice President, Michael Griffin is a co-conspirator in the fun run business, a frequent participant in track events and the gracious host to our Board’s meetings (along with his wife Grace) in addition to his numerous VP duties. Michael takes his director duties quite seriously for which I am grateful.

Another exciting recent addition is Brad Kellett, who is a major track aficionado, is quite savvy technically and is very enthusiastic to help wherever it might be needed. On top of all this, Brad has that playful mischievousness that I (prejudicially) attribute to all Australians.

Bryan Phan is the incoming treasurer and I don’t think we’ve had such a qualified individual in this role in recent memory. On top of that Bryan (as with Brad and Brian) is newly involved in the club and full of energy to help out.

Thorben Primke has been our webmaster for the past year and he has been very helpful in that role, especially for some of our (*ahem*) less technically-inclined directors for whom he has done extra special duty. Thorben also dealt with a time-consuming day job and a geographic disadvantage when it came to attending board meetings but he made an effort nonetheless.

Michael (“CAPT Mike”) Sherman has done a tremendous job as our Membership Chairman. His attention to recruiting, welcoming and retaining members is a major reason our membership is at record levels. Mike has recently become our Liaison to Carlsen Porsche as well.

It’s my privilege to work with all of these people to help them put on the events that make our club such an enjoyable enterprise. Of course we have many, many more volunteers as well as sponsors that contribute to the club’s success.

Thank you all!

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