Thank You GGR

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Thank You GGR

My term as President of the Golden Gate Region PCA finishes at the end of this year, and because of personal commitments that mean I can’t spend the needed time focusing on the club, I did not go for re-election. Instead, I’m leaving the club in the capable and experienced hands of John Celona (check out the full election results).

This club has given me so many amazing experiences, and brought me so many new friends. I hope that along the way I’ve been able to do a passable job of leading events and running the club’s business. The Golden Gate Region has helped me grow in so many ways, and I owe all of the members and volunteers a huge amount of gratitude for that.

The Porsche 911 was always a dream car for me, and when I was finally able to get my hands on one, I went on the look out for people I could share my passion with. Joining the PCA brought me to fun runs and socials, which lead to autocross and track events. Somewhere along the line I became a fun run lead, an autocross instructor and a track coach, because helping people have a blast in the cars they love (especially new members) made me so happy. A desire to help bring people together over great events with great vehicles made me want to volunteer for the board.

I’m not going to disappear entirely – I still love all of the amazing events GGR puts on and look forward to enjoying them with all of the incredible people in the club. I’ll be volunteering in any way I can, and hey, maybe they’ll even let me write a blog post every now and then.

Thank you GGR.

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