Summer Is On Us!

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Summer Is On Us!

Capt. Mike (AKA) Capt. Michael Sherman, USN-Ret.
Membership Director

GGR Regional Summary

Total Members 3382

Primary Members

Affiliate Members 1084

Life Members


Members who renewed

New/Transferred Members last 30 days 50

Mission E Becomes “Taycan

Huh? What now?  What in the dickens is a Taycan?  Well, we’re all aware that Porsche has been moving ahead with its plans towards an all-electric performance car to inhabit one side of its stable.  

But you have to have a cool name (like Volt or Tesla or EPace) and let’s face it, “Mission E” sounds like something from California’s Spanish history.  So Porsche has  been given their first electricar an official name: The “Mission E”, which was a concept study, will now be known as the Taycan.

According to Porsche, “the name can be roughly translated in Eurasian dialect as “lively young horse”, referencing the imagery on the Porsche crest, which has featured a leaping horse  since 1952.  The oriental name also signifies the launch of the “first electric sports car with the soul of a Porsche.” Porsche announced the name for its first purely electric series as part of the “70 years of sports cars” ceremony.

The series production of the first purely electric Porsche is set to begin next year. 

 Here’s the scoop:

  • Porsche plans to invest more than six billion euro in electromobility by 2022

  • A pair of permanent magnet synchronous motors, front and rear, totalling ‘more than’ 600bhp

  • 0-62mph in ‘less than 3.5 seconds

  • Computer ‘blended’ braking

  • Charging in 15 minutes from flat to 80 per cent

  • 310 mile range

  • Porsche taking the lead on developing a “super fast charger” for the whole VW line

  • 500 nation-wide super chargers

  • Here it comes in 2019!

A New Porsche 911 Speedster ?

Porsche is celebrating 70 years of open air driving with a new 911 Speedster Concept: a road-ready study of an open-top and particularly exciting sports car.  They tell us a decision to go to production will be made in the next few months.  Want to bet this one won’t get made?

The anniversary model fit a link between the very first Porsche 356 ‘No. 1’ Roadster, which received its operating permit on June 8, 1948, and the Porsche cars of today. The 911 Speedster concept is derived from the current GT models. It was developed at the Porsche Motorsport Centre, which is the birth place of the 911 GT2 RS and, most recently, the GT3 RS. The 911 Speedster Concept celebrated its world premiere as part of the official ‘70 years Porsche.

The characteristics of the 911 Speedster Concept include the shorter window frame with a more inclined windscreen and correspondingly shortened side windows. These features give the sports car study an even stockier profile with a very low fly line, which is reminiscent of its predecessors such as the Porsche 356 1500 Speedster. A special rear cover made of carbon fibre connects behind the front seats, covering a roll-over protection structure and featuring a ‘double bubble’, a traditional element of this sports car design since the 911 Speedster from 1988. Two contrasting black slats between the ‘humps’ add an aerodynamic touch, and a transparent Plexiglas wind deflector features an engraved ‘70 years of Porsche’ logo.

Carlsen Porsche Concours On Track for October


We’re gearing up for this year’s annual concours! As some might recall, we were unable to hold the 2017 Carlsen/GGR Concours and barbecue due to construction at the dealership…they’ve really undergone an extensive renovation. But we are back on, so pencil in Sunday, October 7, 2018…perhaps a bit of Oktoberfest in Redwood City? Look for the flyer announcing it officially.

Presented by Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America.  This event is part of the 2018 Zone 7 Competition Series

 New Members in June 2018

Please welcome them aboard when you see them

Name Car
Yugandhar Asmath 2001 Boxster S Lapis Blue San Jose
Achille Bigliardi 2015 911 Carrera GTS White San Jose
Nicholas Brailas 2007 911 CarreraS Black San Jose
Wallace Chane 1979 911SC Targa Redwood City
Juan De Leon 1999Boxster Metallic Black Fremont
Nadege Fourny 2006 CayenneS Dark Blue Mountain View
Harry Guilfoyle 2018 718 Cayman GTS Blue San Francisco
Aria Jalali 2018 718 Boxster GTS Graphite Metallic Blue San Francisco
Paul Kane 2014 Cayman Dark Blue Metallic Sunnyvale
Nick King 2015 911 Turbo S San Francisco
Matthew Knoll 2007 911 Targa4 White Mountain View
Barry Kusumo 2018 911 Carrera S Carrera White San Francisco
Shane Lim 2012 911 Carrera S Sunnyvale
Songling Liu 2018 718 Cayman Kirkland
Benjamin MacLean 2018 911 GT3 Carmine Red Monte Sereno
David Mattson 2017 911 Carrera 4S San Jose
Remi Palandri 2017 Cayman S Black San Francisco
Sitaraman Ravichandran 2016 911 Targa 4S White Cupertino
Sean Ritchie 2018 911 Carrera S Night Blue Metallic San Francisco
JamesRomano 1987 911 Carrera Targa Guards Red San Francisco
Sam Rosa 1998 911 Carrera 4S Arctic Silver Los Altos
Ian Sadowski 2016 Cayman GT4 White San Francisco
Roger Sherrard 2014 911 Carrera S Cabriolet Woodside
Steven Shonk 2004 911 Carrera 4S Arctic Silver San Martin
Shashank Sirivolu 2014 Cayman  Mountain View
Darren Stratemeier 2017 718 Boxster Rhodium Silver Mountain View
Karthik Sudhir 2007 Cayman S San Jose
Yezin Taha 1982 928S San Francisco
Bob Tandler 2016 Macan Turbo San Francisco
Robert Zimmerman 1987 911 Carrera Blue Portola Valley

Congrats to our July 2018 Anniversary Members!

ImageIn a world where discarding old, used, and tired items is too easy, there are Porsche owners! We keep our cars, refurbish when necessary, and value our relationships.  We are proud to have you as members and thank you for your commitment to GGR.  Here are the members who will celebrate their anniversaries in July.

35 Years (1983)

Richard Lessin 2006 911 Carrera SArtic Silver
Clark Smith 1958 356

30 Years (1988)

Adam Green 2007 911 GT3     
Charles Johnson 2013 911 Carrera White
Deepak Kakar 2003 911 Carrera Blue

25 Years (1993)

Bernard Weinzimmer 2018 Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Chalk

20 Years (1998)

Adam Green 2007 911 GT3     
Charles Johnson 2013 911 Carrera White
Deepak Kakar 2003 911 Carrera Blue

15 Years (2003)

Norbert Debler 1993 911 Carrera 2 Black
David Francl 2008 911 Carrera S White

10 Years (2008)

Orlando Garcias 2002 911 Carrera 4S Arctic Silver
Scott Taylor 1977 911

5 Years (2013)

Gregory Carr 1988 911 Carrera Silver
Eric Douglas 1992 911 Carrera 2 Black
Alexander Kim 2008 911 Carrera Silver
Matthew Knopp 2014 CaymanS Blue
Harry Lee 1999 911 Carrera Silver
Roger Nelson 2014 Cayman S Brown
Todd Smith 1982 911SC Red
Edward Smithers 2008 Cayman S Black
Stephen Stradley 1974 914 1.8 Silver

Refer a Friend

 If you have friends who might be interested in Porsche, go to the PCA website and the “Refer a Friend” feature. It’s an excellent way to invite and introduce prospective members to the Porsche Club of America.  It is an easy and quick way to follow up after making a personal contact.  See the steps below.  The great thing about this feature is that ANY member can use it.  So, give it a try.

1. Log in to your account.
2. From the Menu Bar, click Membership, Refer a Friend.
3. Under “Refer Friends” enter the email addresses of friends you would like to refer.  Separate each email address by a comma.
4. Under “Message” an automatic message will appear.  Feel free to make changes.  In fact, I would encourage you to personalize your message and direct them not only to the PCA website, but the Membership Benefits page as well (  Whatever message is in the box will be sent to each friend you listed.

GGR Placards

IMG_0258I’ve restocked the cupboard with all new reprints of our placard that feature our new numbers (3200+) and I know you’ll want to hand these out! These are available at every GGR function and we’d like you to pick some up and feel free to use them whenever you see an unaffiliated Porsche sitting idle. I stick them on windshields of Porsches or hand them to drivers if they don’t have our logo in the window.  No one is safe from the devious membership director! Porsche owners in Half Moon Bay now run when they see me coming!  If you want, I’ll even mail some to you so you can hand them out…let me know and I’ll get them to you! 





 Badges – I still got em! C’mon…I’ll SEND THEM!

If you failed to pick up your badge at some even, let me know…I’ll send it to you….! C0ntact me at: HMBSHERM@COMCAST.NET

Help! I still have a HUUUGE back-log of badges created from event “no shows.”  Please make sure to ask for yours at the next event you attend, we’ll have them set out. Member badges are provided free to all those new members/affiliates who RSVP and attend social and/or driving events for the first time. Otherwise, member badges are available for a small fee through Spotlight Impressions in San Mateo. The badges feature the GGR logo, your name and a convenient magnetic clasp. The cost is $12.00 for the badge plus shipping. So, it behooves you to get them from us during an event. Otherwise, to order your badges fill out the form on our website at and email back to Spotlight Impressions at  Make sure to wear your badge to all functions to help interact with 0ther members!

Logo Wear!

We’ve got a great selection at the GGR- PCA online Webstore with both men and women’s hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.  The site features a whole line of wearable GGR plunder. It’s located at; look for us in the regional section, create an account, and get shopping.  If you have a recommendation for some other item, let us know.

At the reggiano parmigiana cheese factory in Parma, Italy! 

Remember to check the calendar for upcoming events.  See you at the AX,  Track, Fun Run or next social function, e.g., Boxster Brunch?

Enjoy the Summer!

Capt. Mike


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