Sponsor Spotlight on Hi-Tech Automotive

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Sponsor Spotlight on Hi-Tech Automotive



Another of this month’s Spotlight for the 2020 GGR Track Series:

Hi-Tech Automotive

Deven Wailes started Hi-Tec Automotive in 1986 after working at a Porsche Dealership and he is still at the same location: 779 Anderson Dr., San Rafael. They specialize in Porsches, working on everything from 356 to 991. They do everything from engine rebuilds to regular servicing and maintenance. All work is done by ASE Certified and Factory trained Porsche mechanics.

When asked what are their toughest jobs, the response is: doing repairs to a car that had previous work done by an “unknown” non Porsche specialist. Bring your Porsche to the experts at Hi-Tec first!

In addition, they also have Porsches for sale. They do a very thorough pre-purchase inspection on every Porsche that comes in for sale, making it very transparent with no questions unanswered. If the car does not meet their criteria, it is turned away. Check out their inventory and services at: hitechauto.com

All the people at Hi-Tec are long standing PCA members and have grown up with Porsches in the family!! So if you have questions about a repair on your Porsche or are interested in purchasing one, give Hi-Tec a call at: 415-258-9619

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