Sign Up Now for Carlsen Porsche AX#1 Season Opener

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Sign Up Now for Carlsen Porsche AX#1 Season Opener

Only 6 weeks remain until the 2019 Carlsen Autocross 2019 Series opener at Alameda Point on 3/17. I just created the MSR event for Autocross #1 and you can sign-up now, today if you like. 

If you’ve never tried Autocross, now is the perfect time to give it a go. Autocross is a great way to test and improve your driving skills on a closed course and experience the full capabilities of your Porsche (without any points added to your license). 

We rent out the Alameda Airfield, right across the water from downtown SF (great view BTW). We build a course composed of cones, then try to beat the clock (and competitors grouped by similar cars). We have helmets to lend and instructors on staff, you don’t need to bring anything.

The 1stevent always sells out, so I recommend signing up early. Here’s the link:

Here are the season dates again, they’re coming up quick. They have also been added to the GGR Calendar on the Website.

  • Autocross #1-March 17 ALAMEDA (Sunday)
  • Autocross #2-April 14 (joint weekend with LPR atMARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #3-May 18 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross School– June 22 ALAMEDA(Saturday)
  • Autocross #4-June 23 ALAMEDA(Sunday)
  • Autocross #5-July 13 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #6-August 17 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #7– September 29 (joint weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #8-October 19 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #9-November 16 ALAMEDA(Saturday)

If you’re looking for something to do in the off-season, besides getting your car ready for instance or going for a drive, consider visiting Alameda and partaking in some wine tasting. Rock Wall Winery has a great view of our site, also Building 42 Winery and St. Georges Distillery are both right on the 1ststreet adjacent to our autocross site. 

On the other side of the old base are some historic sites, the Naval Air Museum and the Hornet, a World War 2 era Aircraft Carrier. Right around the corner was a new Brewery, Almanac with a food truck out front. Here’s the view out the window of the museum:

This part of the base is referred to as the Lagoon as passengers in the 30’s would board amphibious seaplanes there headed to Hawaii, China and Japan. The trip took several days and stopped at several islands along the way. The museum is in the original Pan Am Terminal building. Here’s great old picture of the base back in the day. Can you spot our site? Those planes in the foreground are A4 Skyhawks, one of which is still on display as you enter the base on the way to our autocross site.

I found nice sunny day between the raindrops to make a day of it and buy some door prizes for the Holiday Party.

See you in 6 weeks !!

Ed Hunter

Autocross Director

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