September member mixer

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September member mixer

By Shirley Neidel
51 year PCA GGR member

This year’s Golden Gate Region board have spent time and energy making the club fun with Tours, Socials, Autocrosses and DE/Time Trials. The club calendar offers whatever makes drivers and families happy. This past week our president and his wife, Richard and Barbara French, put on another fabulous Social. This mixer was held in Palo Alto at Vino Locale, a relatively new wine bar with close ties to the club. Vino Locale co-owner Debra Szecsei and marketing manager Laura Hull are both Porsche owners and GGR members. Plus, GGR member Richard Hanke graciously poured three delicious red wines from his label, Left Bend, throughout the evening. In all, 50 new and longtime members and guests enjoyed an evening of getting to know each other and talking Porsches and whatever else we do to enjoy life.

PCA Vino Locale Secret Garden

We, George and I, enjoyed our life in the Porsche Club and hope others in the future will also. Yes we have enjoyed track time, tours, socials, but at each you have time to enjoy each other and our Porsche’s. It has brought us together to do exactly that.

Look for the next club event that fits in your schedule. Come, I am sure you go will go away wondering why you had not done this before.

PCA Tent  PCA Barbara Richard


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  1. Laura H - October 2, 2014 3:03 pm

    These photos were from just before the gathering began – by 7:00 there were 50 of us enjoying the patio and gardens, fire pits were lit, food served, and twinkling garden lights surrounded us. It was a wonderful evening, we met so many people, laughed a lot, and really enjoyed Richard Hanke’s Left Bend wines. What a fun group!