September 2020 Track Report

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September 2020 Track Report

Belting In

Drivers –

We have used “belting in” as a blog title in the past, but now that GGE’s track series is finally underway, it applies, and what a welcome application it is!

We just completed our first event – a club race at Sonoma Raceway August 22-23 as part of a NASA weekend. NASA is a great partner in allowing us to host events (as is SCCA). Thirty-two eager and experienced racers demonstrated some great racing over three sprint races. It was good to get the band back together, so to speak, as your track team members were happy to see each other again after a ten month long hiatus.

This coming weekend (September 5-6) we’re finally kicking off our micro DE season with a 103 dB day at Laguna Seca! We’re sad that COVID social distancing rules prevent us from including any students at this event, as it is our student corps that really gets the rest of us excited about DE. We will have three DE run groups and a club racing group. The DE groups have been essentially sold out since the end of July, and we have over 40 (so far) racers itching to blast through the corkscrew!

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Your track chair wishes to thank you all for your patience while we have been working with the tracks and PCA to finally bring these events to you. Keep wearing those masks, and let’s get this virus outta here! For a little incentive, at Laguna let’s have a “Steve McQueen LeMans” tan line contest!

Here’s the rest of our track schedule for 2020:

  • September 5-6 DE 4 / Club Race 4 Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca
  • September 26-27 DE 5 / Club Race 5 Thunderhill Raceway Sign up!
  • October 10-11 Club Race 6 (w/ NASA) Sonoma Raceway

Eyes up, drivers!


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