Santa Barbara Fun Run

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Santa Barbara Fun Run



“Santa Barbara, here we come,” said 60 drivers and passengers, as we headed off down Hwy 25 on a delightful excursion through the Central Coast wine country and on south to the Santa Ynez Valley.  This was the 8th FunRun of the year for GGR, and by far the biggest production for the FunRun team.



Thanks to careful planning by Robert Habibi, Gilbert Bouzeid, Sanjay Rao and Brad Kellett, this Drive was wildly popular with participants. A hotel right on the Santa Barbara beach front, new roads to travel on, pick nicks, making new friends during the 3 day event and finishing up at the Firestone winery made for a very satisfying experience. We’ll put this one on our permanent FunRun calendar for a repeat performance next year.







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