Sage advice for all “would-be” course designers: “Be creative and innovative but avoid the bizarre”

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Sage advice for all “would-be” course designers: “Be creative and innovative but avoid the bizarre”

Creativity is what makes a course interesting. But a good course designer also caters to his/her audience and balances the course. It should be equally suitable for both the smaller more maneuverable cars (often with less power) as well as the more powerful cars, old and new.We are seeking course designers for 2019 Alameda Courses, if you are up for the challenge review this: grab a screenshot from Google maps to get started. If your design is accepted your entire work assignment for the event will be to assist with the setup and in addition you will also receive a free entry to your next autocross. This publication is also an interesting read if you’d like to learn more about the principles of autocross course design. For instance:

Learning about course design and elements will also help you become a faster driver as you will more easily be able to ascertain the intent of the designer and the course elements. 

Only a few weeks remain until the 2019 Carlsen Autocross Series opener at Alameda Point on 3/17. Here’s the link in case you missed it: of this writing, the event is not sold out (though less than 5 spots left), the 1stevent of the season always sells out.

If you missed AX1, don’t worry, AX2 registration will open soon and this will be the link: I plan on opening up registration for AX2 within a week after registration closes for AX1. Might already be live…

There are a few changes this year as we’ve discontinued some classes that didn’t receive much use (Showroom Stock and separate Ladies classes). If you’ve already signed up in a class that’s been discontinued, there’s still time to re-class. Changes like this are made are via announcement (January blog), comment period (30 day), vote, board approval (2/12) and finally publishing the result (March Blog).

As a reminder, drivers are responsible for classing their own cars and class competitors are responsible for keeping competitors honest by reporting incorrectly classed cars to me. I also reserve the right to move people if they’ve obviously mis-classed their car (or didn’t even class their on the classification website.

Many new car models have now been added to the classification site, such as the new 991 “T” and the 992. I also went back through the 996-991 generations and separated out the Coupes and the Cabs as cabs are naturally heavier (188 pounds in the case of a 997). What this functionally means is that while the 997 Coupe remains at 450 base points, the Cab drops to 420. This means that a cab driver could add 30 points of modifications to offset those additional pounds. 991 Targa drivers benefit even more. To claim these benefits, you must reclassify:

We are still working on revisions to PAX indexes overall, but a proposal will be made by mid-year 2019 to be effective for the 2020 season. We are also looking into tire width vs. wheel width and points for different tire compounds. If there are adjustments you would like to suggest, please email me with the proposal so it can be considered.

Some other items we’ve been working on in the off-season are a new wireless time slip printer and text based notification, so please update your mobile phone number in Motorsportreg for this to be effective. We would like to be able to announce numbers of runs, run order and other items on the day of the event. 

We’ve also moved to a pre-assigned number registry within Motorsportreg. We’ve also retired some numbers that haven’t been used for over 3 years, so if you see a lower number you’d like, email me.

Also coming for 2019 is a new autocross T-shirt featuring the Alameda site and a classic Porsche. If printing schedules allow we’ll have it for sale on-site at AX-01. We’ll start with pre-sales next event. There might be another extra for the event depending on production schedules. And, if you didn’t pickup your 2018 season trophy, that will be available as well, all great reasons to attend.

As a reminder, here are the season dates again, they’re coming up quick. They have also been added to the GGR Calendar on the Website.

  • Autocross #2-April 14 (joint weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #3-May 18 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross School– June 22 ALAMEDA(Saturday)
  • Autocross #4-June 23 ALAMEDA(Sunday)
  • Autocross #5-July 13 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #6-August 17ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #7– September 29 (joint weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #8-October 19 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #9-November 16 ALAMEDA(Saturday)

Ed Hunter

Autocross Director

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